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Noob Installproblem


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Hello guy, i've tried to install the OSX iAtKOS version on my PC.


As in some videotutorials i made in WinXP a new partition (no ntfs!) on an extra internal HDD, so i did not make a partition on my win-HDD as in the tutorial, but a complete seperate disc.


I then shut down my system , unplug my system-HDD. So there is only the empty one running (i'm just scared that this Mac stuff is destroying my Win-System.


The DVD boots and i type F8 and then -v


and here it stops:



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Very nice, you have the same Mainboard.


I have:


MB: MSI P35 Neo2 FR

CPU: Intel E2180 @ 3600Mhz

GPU: GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB

4 GB DDR2 @ 1000Mhz

SATA HDD and DVD Writer


The strange thing ist, that OSX86 seems to run perfectly on Gigabyte DS3 and ASUS P5K- Both are also P35 Chipsets...I have downloaded Leo4all and I am going to install it now, if I can get it to work.






P.S.: Kalyway didnt install with the latest official BIOS 1.80

With the beta BIOS 1.96b the installation worked, but it freezes at the first reboot

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God damn it! :-)

every one told me i should buy the DS3, for my win platform this spring.... but i went with the MSI.... had some problems, but that's just perfect, that OSX86 wont work...


please tell my how it went!


maybe there is a modded firmware out there for the MSI....

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Good (?) news guys!


i found a modded Bios Version to work for the X86 Project.

Its called 7345v18_mod.by.Kabyl




the flashing worked, hab no problems.


AND i got some lines further to my own mac :-)


I'm now at the problem: Still waiting for root device.... i hope i can find a soulution for this one too.


so long

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well iv'e tried nearly every combination of preferences... the setup doesn't find the root device.

I also found an IDE HDD.... didn'T work either....


any suggestions?


P.S.: I've tried the iatkos DVD on my Sony Vaio: it went flawless :-) at least nearly. I was able to install it. Leopard runs (but i didn't find the right drivers for the networkcard, soundcard, and graphics (is there a way to update/change them after the iatkos installation?))

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I just downloaded the bios file and now I am trying to install kalyway again. But I guess I get stuck again at the same spot "Using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer header". Always happened to me no matter which distri I used. cpus=1 and -x -v -f and such stuff didnt work either.

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