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Leopard Freezes Up.....I really need help


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Hi. I hsvr installed Leopard 10.5.2 and everything works fine accept one part. It freezes up after some time of use. i have Disabled power savings and all that {censored} and it still freezes up. Then i installed 10.5.3 and it still didnt help. I tried to install World oF warcraft and after about 10 minutes, Leo froze up even though i was on Safari.


My PC specs:

Q6600 Quad Core at 3.2Ghz

4GB DDR2 PC6400 Ram

Onboard Soundcard----ACL889

Onboard Lan----Realtek

8800GT 512mb---works perfectly

250GB leo HD IDE

1TB Windows harddrives raid-0 SATA


Please help me....Thanks


******EDIT***** I have Just ran it with cpus=1 -x and i never froze up

Whats wrong with my leo?



*****EDIT 2.0**** It freezes up every single time when i try to install World Of warcraft BC

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