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Most Compatible Graphics Card?

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I'm starting this topic in hopes that someone will come across it while either building a new system for OSx86 or contemplating upgrading their system to it. I have the nVidia Geforce 6100 integrated into my motherboard and while it works, it does not have Quartz Extreme, Core Image, or even high resolution support. To be completely honest, it looks terrible.


I'd like to find out what graphic cards are the MOST compatible, even from update to update. I know the HCL is out there (for those that don't know it's here for Leopard 10.5.2) but I'd like to find out what has worked out of the box, no questions asked. Not everyone who gets their system up and running goes and updates the HCL.


So what cards work the best? Let us know if you have QE/CI support as well!

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as far as i know..no cards work OOB..but most cards only need a patch (injectors) to get it working..you can try cards that are in real mac specs. i.e 7300gt 2600pro 8800gt or newer cards that are known to be working after some test by hackers. i.e 3850,3870,3870x2..


hoho..just my 2 cent

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