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[FIXED] Safari Download leads to "You need to restart your computer"


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So as the topic said that is my problem. Whenever I tried to download anything that error pops up, It's the weirdest problem I ever had on a mac.


I just updated my Safari to 3.1, thought maybe it would fix the problem but no go.

I just installed Leopard 10.5.2 on my desktop (see the specs in the sig) and so far this is the biggest problem.

I'm going to try updating my kernel to 9.2.2 in the mean time can someone give their two cents in this plz?

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i am also having this problem


i have a p965-dq6 mobo with core 2 duo chipset and 8gb ram


my soundbaord is using the envy24 driver since its a pci card that im using (delta 2496)


everything was installed directly from the disc - everyting is available to me from there


anyhow, i chose the universal sse2 / sse3 kernel 9.4.0


i then chose the ndarwin 256mb nvidia geforce 7 driver which i had not problems with in the past


i selected no usb patch at this installation, although it works anyways


what have i done wrong


please any adice?



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