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How to dualboot Leopard & XP (32bit)

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Just want to share a small tutorial which shows how I managed to dual boot Leopard based on GUID partition table with EFI bootloader and Windows XP 32-bit.


1. First I installed Leopard using ls8 method. Make sure BIOS is set to AHCI. Install Leopard on the first partition and format the second partition using DiskUtil in OS X to MS DOS FAT32.

2. Once Leopard is fully up and running, restart your computer and get into the BIOS and disable AHCI and save.

3. Restart your computer again and boot from Windows XP cd.

4. Before installing Windows XP, you'll notice 4 partitions (under Mac OS X, DiskUtil only shows you the 2 most important), the last one should be the FAT32 partition. You'll have to install to this partition, format it as NTFS first (quick format) before installing Windows XP.

5. Once Windows XP is installed, reboot.

6. Now we will install the AHCI driver in Windows so that we can also use AHCI mode under Windows XP. Read the following tutorial to do this, it is detailed and well explained, so there shouldn't be any problems.

7. Once the AHCI driver is installed, shut down.

8. Disconnect your hard drive.

9. Power up computer again and enter the BIOS first and enable AHCI.

10. Reinstall the EFI bootloader to your hard drive. I did it using and external HD case connected to my MacBook (applying ls8 pre-patch.sh script again as you had to do in step 1) and then reconnected the hard drive to my pc.

11. Booted up computer and had my darwin bootloader menu again, now with the option to boot Foreign OS = Windows XP.

12. Now you have dual boot Leopard & XP 32-bit :D

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