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making my own drivers?

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How difficult is it to create your own drivers for a certain product?


For example, i need a graphical driver for the Ati 2300HD which must support 1280x800.

Nobody has created this driver so far and don't want to beg for a driver actually, i want create my own.


You can't be born with a 'driver-create' skill :angel: you must have learned it somehow.


I can develop software with PHP, Javascript, C# and Visual Basic, PHP is my best skill because it's my saterday job.


Can someone create a nice tutorial on 'how to create a driver'?



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Tutorials are good for some things but I doubt you'll see too many on writing device drivers. There is sample code, prodived by Apple, for a very simple OSX device driver. It doesn't control any hardware, but it demonstrates the basics of how a driver for a PCI should be structured. OSX device drivers are written in C++. ObjC is for Cocoa apps, not device drivers.


You're not going to get an easy answer because there is no easy way to do it. Apple has Guides, References, Technical Notes and Sample Code available to you through their developer program. You can sign up for free and access most of the material online. There is a Getting Started with Hardware and Device Drivers page that you can use. You might have to be signed up for the dev program to see that page.


You're going to keep waiting for that ATI driver until someone gets around to writing it, which may be never. The only alternative is write it yourself, as you have realized. The learning curve is not going to get any easier with a couple of tutorials. My advice is sign up for the Apple developer program (it's free) and start reading. There are thousands of pages you need to read, and most of it you will have to re-read several times.

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