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Loop problems with Leo4All v3 10.5.3 --> FIXED


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Hey Guys,


I'm newbie so I need your help. I can't boot with my leo4all-disc (10.5.3/v3), it always restarting my computer. But there is an exception. When I type this command: -x -s -v -legacy cpus=1, it continuous with booting but it freezes after this text:


"do you want to make any modifications to files"




"continuous with booting (or something else)"



I am clueless. Thanks for the help in forward. :censored2:


My Computer:


Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (SSE2, SSE3)

Mainboard: MSI MS-7360 - Neo

Intel chipset: P35/G33/G31


GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT (512MB)

Sound: Realtek HD Audio

HDD: Samsung SATA

Memory: 2GB


The chipsetfeature "HPET" is on!

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So I tried again leo4all-disc with the build 10.5.2/v3 without the ppf-patch. But I have the same problems here. It always rebooting. As I mentioned, when I type this command: x -s -v cpus=1 - I'm able (after 1 minute) to get to the second screen, where I can take modifications. When I get to this screen I always type "exit" to continuous the boot process, unfortunately it freezes after 1 or 3 minutes. Thanks for the advice.

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