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512MB 8800GT only showing 256MB in System Profiler


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Hi all,


So this afternoon I decided to put my trusty 512MB BFG 8800GT OC into my Hackintosh in hopes of picking up a few more xBench points. While that seems to have happened, I'm dismayed at only seeing 256MB listed as available in System Profiler. I'm using the GFX device string method which I used (and updated) with my previous 256MB 7900GS. Before even that, I was using NVInject, but moved (now quite happily) to the string method after the 10.5.3 patch. I was careful to delete my old nvinject kexts when doing so.


Hopefully this is just an error in System Profiler. If that's the case (and I apologize in advance if my search let me down on that), what's another good way to verify that my Hack is using all 512MB?


My rig:


Abit IP-35E


4x1GB PNY 667mhz DDR2

Seagate 320GB 7200.10


Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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