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Success on P4 3.06, Shuttle SB51 neon special.


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Man, this is so sweet.


Finally got round my DD problems and now the only DD things I have on my mind are my girlfriends! lol.


So, I used the dd of the vmware image onto spare 200gb disk and all is well.


Audio - ac97 - perfect


Network - some realtek thing - perfect and fast


Video - GF6600gt - vesa3.0 none of the good stuff (have yet to try onboard video)


Installed Maxxuss patches v0.4 everything works including itunes (all blazin' fast)


Other than the video it seems to run faster than my 1.8ghz imac g5!


Glad to join you lot in the success section.


So chuffed!




PS - im posting from Safari (still cant get over how well this works)

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The only strange problem ive found is with my dvd drive


Its a standard ata drive on the same bus as my osx boot disk but if i disable usb (and lose my mouse and keyboard) the drive works.


But with the keyboard/mouse on, it doesnt work.




Well, another challenge i guess.




Id also like to thank everyone who has tried this and posted their findings, without you lot id still be using xp!

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