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TWO graphic card (8800 GT) in ABTI IP35 Pro


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Well, my intelmac is working okay after I got rid of all the IDE drives, but I had to install additional 8800 GT in my vista side.


Now I can't boot into mac os.


I searched for this issue in google, and I hear I have to set motherboard bios to "PEG2".


My motherboard is ABIT IP35 PRO.


I contacted abit, haven't heard from them, but in forum, people told me that there is no such option (PEG2) in my board.


So... does it mean that there is no solution?


Anybody that has abit IP35 pro and installed two graphic card successfully?


Thanks in advance.


Just FYI, my spec is

Intel E8400

4gig memory

Abit IP35 PRO

2 750gb SATA

SATA DVD drive

xfx 8800 GT 256mb

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