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Getting USB Support work in Leopard 10.5.3 Hackintosh


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How to Fix USB Support for 10.5.3 update combo



1. USB storage device cannot be detected when plug. The computer have to be restarted in order for ti to be recognize.

2. USB Bluetooth dongle cannot be recognize when plug. You too, have to restart the f[ucking] computer for it to be recognize.

3. It used to be recognize in old OS X 86 version but not in 10.5.2 or 10.5.3



A Filipino fixed for Mac OS x86 10.5.3 without USB automatic detection.




The IUSBFamily.kext is fuc[ked] up in 10.5.3. I have no idea the version is old and yet it was dated as 2008.

There is a need to re-inject your Graphics driver [for me it is NVKUSH if you need to patch the IOUSBFamily.kext. I dunno. It blackened my screen after reboot.

Once you reboot, try to use -f instead of booting once directly.


Now, the Instruction:


1. Get a 10.5.0 Leopard installer. The old mother[{censored}e]r where you have to use brazilmac patch...etc...etc..

2. Now use pacifist or if you don't have one get somewhere or buy the legit one.

3. Make a backup of your IOUSBFamily.kext somewhere in your desktop. I hope you don't have to ask where the mutha{censored}er is. Use spotlight in Finder will ya.

4. Now place your dvd in the drive and let pacifist install the damn file in your default folder.

5. Cross your finger and hope it wo'nt crash your hackinstosh.

6. Reboot and use -f

7. Voila!!!! insert your USB drive and it would show up. Eject the damn thing and reinsert....Voila it is there again.

8. Insert your USB Bluetooth dongle and it would show up (at least in mine). Try to remove it and reinsert. Hehehe...it works....


If for whatever reason you used -v or -x or boot directly and met with blackscreen, then restart and use -f. It would show you back to your desktop then re-inject f\your graphic card with your chosen kext.







If you have success with this tutorial feel free to leave a thank you note and link this in your reply.






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If you have a better tutorial than this feel free to upload yours.

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