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  1. Acer CrystalEye webcam

    I don't know how but I got the same Acer Crystal Eye Webcam working on Acer 4310. It's actually working right now and I am using ichat and/or yahoo messenger. I have no idea why it is detected as usb webcam but macam does not work. iusbcam probably helps but I don't know how. I was even able to use photobooth at one point because it too work but only for a while. After reboot I was not able to make it work again. Please don't ask me how I did it. I really don't know the answer. Perhaps the answer lies inside the OS itself becoz it was detected and somehow it only needs configuration. Who knows maybe someone here have figured it out already and he just need to post his answer.
  2. ACER 4310 Ethernet working using this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry992777 Driver can be found in link below http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=127903 courtesy of Nobb1x
  3. Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    Finally an ethernet solution for ACER 4310 laptop Gigabit ethernet card!!!!!! Just follow the instruction on dumping by typing on terminal sudo tcpdump -i en1 or en0 REjoice and thanks to nobbi1x!!!!! tsup tsup tsup! I have a faster Transmission download with ethernet setup hehehehe. Just don't change any MAC address or anything. Just follow the instruction on dumping. Go Pacquiao!!!! Im reproducing the readme below... Broadcom 5787M driver by nobb1x v 0.3 - an hexedited version of the original Applebcm5701 kext Thanks to various peoples on insanelymac forum, this kext has been hacked so many times that is impossible keep track of all of them, the last hint to make it working come from Loepere, thanks guy!! Thanks to Omegax, Collit99 and Pocopico for testing. Disclaimer This kext has been tried ONLY on the Broadcom 5787M and is proved to work with it, do not try on other Broadcom cards until you know what you are doing. Broadcom BCM 5787M is 14e4:1693 device Installation Just use Kext Helper b7 app or do it manually if you know how, is not the scope of this readme teach how to install kexts Be sure to remove any other bcm5701/bcm5751 from your Extensions folder if you have altered its Info.plist files This driver only work in promiscuous mode, at least with my router (3com) it seem setting promiscuous mode in Macos is a shame or a secret, or at least i was unable to set it,neither was able to find docs on google, to have the driver working you have 3 options 1) open a terminal window and type: sudo tcpdump -i enX where X is the number of your BCM ethernet interface, it could be en0 or en1 it depend on how many lan cards there are in your pc. You can minimize the terminal window but not close it or the driver will cease to work. 2) Another way to run tcpdump would be like that : sudo nohup tcpdump -i enX > /dev/null & terminal window can be closed in this case. 3) (thanks Pocopico) There is a folder called Start_Promisc within the archive, copy it in /Library/StartupItems then open the file start_promisc you can find into the folder with TextEdit, changing the two variables at the top INTF and KEXTPATH to match your setup. save it. from a terminal window type: sudo chmod -R 755 /Library/StartupItems/Start_Promisc sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/StartupItems/Start_Promisc and you are all set, at next reboot you dont have to do a thing it will start tcpdump automatically.
  4. which version of mac os x supports nvidia fx 5200

    Leopard is supported by your card..you can enable Quartz Extreme support by using NVKush kext. Just search for it here. I'm using one now.
  5. You can try my tut I posted a while back....cheers
  6. Did you try the skge.kext. It works in my Marvell Yukon ethernet built in card. You just have to manually input the IP address, Ipv6 etc. Google it.
  7. Jiver...you want me to break the law...find your way in the pirate of bay or the green demon.... Sorry mate...that's all the help I could give. I hope you're not offended.
  8. How to Fix USB Support for 10.5.3 update combo Issues: 1. USB storage device cannot be detected when plug. The computer have to be restarted in order for ti to be recognize. 2. USB Bluetooth dongle cannot be recognize when plug. You too, have to restart the f[ucking] computer for it to be recognize. 3. It used to be recognize in old OS X 86 version but not in 10.5.2 or 10.5.3 A Filipino fixed for Mac OS x86 10.5.3 without USB automatic detection. Observations/Precautions/Warning: The IUSBFamily.kext is fuc[ked] up in 10.5.3. I have no idea the version is old and yet it was dated as 2008. There is a need to re-inject your Graphics driver [for me it is NVKUSH if you need to patch the IOUSBFamily.kext. I dunno. It blackened my screen after reboot. Once you reboot, try to use -f instead of booting once directly. Now, the Instruction: 1. Get a 10.5.0 Leopard installer. The old mother[{censored}e]r where you have to use brazilmac patch...etc...etc.. 2. Now use pacifist or if you don't have one get somewhere or buy the legit one. 3. Make a backup of your IOUSBFamily.kext somewhere in your desktop. I hope you don't have to ask where the mutha{censored}er is. Use spotlight in Finder will ya. 4. Now place your dvd in the drive and let pacifist install the damn file in your default folder. 5. Cross your finger and hope it wo'nt crash your hackinstosh. 6. Reboot and use -f 7. Voila!!!! insert your USB drive and it would show up. Eject the damn thing and reinsert....Voila it is there again. 8. Insert your USB Bluetooth dongle and it would show up (at least in mine). Try to remove it and reinsert. Hehehe...it works.... If for whatever reason you used -v or -x or boot directly and met with blackscreen, then restart and use -f. It would show you back to your desktop then re-inject f\your graphic card with your chosen kext. Cheers!!! If you have success with this tutorial feel free to leave a thank you note and link this in your reply. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support Journey and buy Revelation CD/DVD at 11.88 exclusively at Walmart Stores. Number 5 at Billboard Hot 200 album and # 3 in Rock Album .Great CD's and don't {censored} download it bummer. Buy the original! --------------- If you have a better tutorial than this feel free to upload yours.
  9. No problem man. I love hackintosh!!!!! Cheers.
  10. Before you begin check if you have QE support...if not get some video card with full QE support Steps: 1. Trash your 10.5.3 app photobooth (save it another folder or something.) 2. If I say old 10.5 version...remember the first release of original Leopard..that version is 10.5...it lies on the pirate of bay or something...maybe you have it...get that old 10.5 installer...this installer require brazilmac patch to install(difficult to install) so I gave it up and put it in my shelves...and I remember it has old photobooth version 3. Install pacifist...it is available in the pirate of bay too... 4. Insert your 10.5 DVD installer...and open up pacifist in your application...automatic detection by pacifist 5. Select only the photobooth app in the DVD installer..it is in the main application folder or something... 6. After installl...make sure you ahve macam.... 7. You can try rebooth but it's not required.... 8. Open up photobooth..and voila it works...even the effects...hehehehe But it is kinda slow...maybe I need to buy additional ram (1 gig only) and new Nvidia card....GT Please try the steps the way I did it and don't mess it up and blame me okay.... Please credit me if you have success...cheers! I forgot to say I have the complete instruction below... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...t=0#entry776345
  11. Mine have the same problem...I fixed my photobooth by using the old 10.5 version..it is smaller file...you can replaced your new 10.5.2 or 3 version with that by using pacifist...and i suggest you also install macam 0.9.2. Cheers
  12. Installer: 10.5.2 kalyway updated to 10.5.3 Board: Asus P5 PE Processor:Intel P4 Memory: 1 gig Vcard: Nvidia 5200 fx with QE support using NVKush script (smooth no artifact) Ethernet: Skge.kext (I have Marvell Yukon) Cam: a4tech web camera(use macam 0.9.2) isight: works using iUSBCam Issues: 1. Photobooth remain black after install although webcam (a4tech) turns on 2. When you take a snapshot nothing...series of white flashes occur but no picture. 3. Effects are okay but useless. Solutions: 1. Trash your photobooth (but reserve a copy in your drive just in case) 2. Look for your old 10.5 installer in your cabinet (the first one release where you need Brazilmac method) , if you thrown it away get some legit copy. Make sure it is the older one. 3. Use pacifist to mount your laopard 10.5 installer 4. Install photobooth. Pacifist will automatically repair the permission 5. When it is installed. Right click on your Photobooth and select get info. Uncheck Use Rosetta. Checked I think is the default. 6. Now use your Photobooth and enjoy the fcking program.
  13. Leopard GM 9a581 Patched for Intel

    <br /><br /><br />Im having post install issues . How did you patch the mach_kernel. I used brazilmac instruction on post install using Patcher but I cant seem to make it work. Help!
  14. From Hackintosh to Macintosh

    Same history here. Since I first laid my eyes on the apple gui of my first deadmoo image I was hook on this os. But I have since graduated on that and am currently using the modified jas 10.4.8 beta image from Jas which I was able to update to 10.4.9 seamlessly without a glitch. I think I am on my exploratory months on how to adapt to this super super secured and almost virus free os.( I have to experience virus infection yet.). My best experience with this os so far is that it is lightning fast when it boots up. Program opens without waiting for it too long. I was able to tweak it in order for me to enable my NVIDIA card, the sound, ethernet, etc. But boy,it was all worth it. Downloading is super fast using transmission. Camino is an unheard of browser until I come across its superb functionality. iPhoto is so unlike any program in windows. It is amazing. Wow, itunes truly stand up to its rigthful place in digital music . I haven't appreciated widget before in windows os but in mac, widget is something you can't live without. I have yet to test Photoshop CS and play some online games. My worst frustration so far is buying the real one and the superb application that is usually not bundled with it.