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Installing Leo on my AMD PC...


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Ok, so I'm trying to install MAC OSX on my pc...

MY specs are:


AMD 5200+

A-data 2x 1GB RAM

Geforece 5200

Mainboard: Gigabyte M52S-S3P rev 2.0 (has NVIDIA® nForce 520 chipset)

HDD 1 (with XP): 250 GB SATA 2

HDD 2 ( on which i want to install leo): 20 GB ATA drive


I've got the Apple.Mac.OSX.Leopard.10.5.2.AMD.EFI- Zephyroth, created a primary partition, set the ATA drive to MASTER...and I've tried to boot from the DVD.


It hangs out looking like this:



The problem seems to be that" "AppleNForce ATA: phy connection failed"

or that "Scan for disks found 0"


What should i do... i read here that i should try new kext for sata ?

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Hi, i`m new here though, and lost in all this mass of posts, i have same issue like you, this "still waiting for root device" is one evil thing ... look my post here:

http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=110331 i get one answer and will try to do it, (but i doubt will have effects) your mobo is new-er than mine. i also tryed with some old ata ide disc but not helped me ... i think is about sata/controllers/drives/incompatibility ... if you find something please to inform here ... i`m so desperate i can`t install OSx and i really NEED IT for my yob, ok i`m waiting to buyamac, i even have one mac, but i need 2 macs :D and this urgently momyyy ...

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I was on the same boat as your now, try these:


1) Remove the USB mouse and keyboard and try the PS2 instead, I don't know how it worked for me.


2) Try booting off a SATA DVD Drive, if you can afford to.


3) Check the jumper settings on the DVD ROM, it should be in the Master.


4) SATA HDD, should be plugged to the first SATA Port.


5) If using SATA HDD and SATA DVD Drive, HDD should be Master(jumper settings) and DVD Drive should be Slave(jumper settings).


6) Finally, check the Hardware Compatibility List.


biggrin.gif HAPPY HACKINTOSH! biggrin.gif


Bye and Take Care, Do post the Results!


This is the answer...the problem is that i Have a DVD SATA DRIVE and a HDD SATA DRIVE, but they don't have jumpers on the back...that's because SATA DRIVES are choosing automaticaly their state (SLAVE or MASTER)


What should i do now :D ...

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