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  1. shump, Is anyone here to know how to dualboot Leopard in software raid and Win XP/2003 ? the chain0 not works but i readed abot tboot, but still i can't get it right. Any help ?
  2. Hi, on my PCee i have 3 x hdd's. 2 of them are running OSx iDeneb in software raid config with no problems, and the 3rd hdd i used to install Win 2003 server x64. The only way for me to boot each OS is to go to bios and switch the boot order. I tried chain0 but not recognises the first raid partition from where osx should boot. I used chain0 before in the same config with success but i don't had OSx in software raid but only on one hdd that worked. Any tips ? p.s. > for creating bootable raid setup on iDeneb i followed this guide: http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.cgi?boa...&thread=613 and it works flawlessly, i gained at least 30% in overall hdd performance.
  3. cybercow

    Dual boot Ubuntu and Mac Osx 10.5.1

    hallo, you should have no problems, 1. install osx then linux, and adjust grub, you may want to visit this url: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...le_And_Accurate -> in short terms you should edit /boot/grub/menu.lst on your ubuntu install and make the right config params.
  4. Hallo, i dunno if anyone tried it, and if is of some kind of importance, but i downloaded the 2200 stabile and added the product id of the 3945 into the original 2200 kext, after doing this, the 3945 was recognised as 3rd party AirPort card, the connection showed up in the network propreties, and i get both wi-fi icons in the toolbar. I was using kalyway 10.5.2 on my hp6820s with 3945 onboard. Obviously the connection detection part not worked and was stucked in an endless loop with nsGUI. This is some kind of expected result. The 3945 is an scaled down economy version of 2200 with parts of firmware needed to be done in software, but in the other hand they have most things in common and such was the result either. I was surprised with my simple test that the 3945 was recognised as an AirPort because the 1st goal of the 3945 development version is this task and furthermore never achieved by the "original" version itself ??? I`m working hard now to find the breaking points of 2200 vs 3945 and its specifics. Today i re-compiled the 2200 driver with implementing 3945 firmware, and seems i`m close to something ... I hope this will help someone ?
  5. Hello dong, thank you much for your reply, i really appreciate your hard work on ATI field, i think i readed every post of yours in this field with great enthusiasm, u give nice ideas and hope to the rest of us with some kind of bastarduos ATI hardware. I have few more questions for you and your ATY_HD project. 1. It would be nice if u can write 1 page of simple dirrections, what is done, what is still to do and how to use the whole thing. I know that some "pro" will catch the whole thing in a minute, and that you already wrote here how to do it, but still having one simple *.txt description page would be nice to resume all of your results. 2. btw can this -> VideoHardwareInfo also attached be of some help ? [edit -> i compiled ATY_HD today, and it worked for me (HP 6820s) -> i attached screen pic and syslog part if it helps dunno] besides this i also attached the hp6820s edid dump if someone needs it [not related for now] thank you in advance VideoHardwareInfo.zip hp6820s_display_edid_dump.txt syslog_atyhd.txt
  6. Hello to all brave devs here, i`m kinda new here, but i think i readed every line of infinite posts about ati cards especially on laptops with mobility series in which topic i`m interested though because i`m the owner of one. When i come here the first time i though things will be more easy and i don`t understood very well the main problematics why the hell my ati card not works, and was very magnetic to posts like "help me my card not works !!!" or "Finally the solution for card XXXX !!!". When i saw things will not go that way with forced applying this and that, jumping from one post to another, rebooting my laptop for the "last time" and praying god that finally boot in native resolution i decided to stop and think a litlle. - i have the HP 6820s with mobility x1350, the "damned" one. Ok, i know is "old" i know nothing is supported bellow x1600, and i readed many times people encourage others to sell their uncompatible hardware as an easy way to get things up. Ok i can do that, i can even think my HP is a piece of obsoleted hardware, but ,,,,, i swear i see many people happily running their original G4`s at 700 Mhz, they know that this hw is "old", but still they re using it because it sodisfy their needs ... well same is here, i can sell my HP and get another one, and i`m sure many other users can do that, but they don`t do that - because they re happy with it, same as i`m happy with my HP. If i wanted to do advanced 3D stuff or gaming on a portable, i will choose another model in the first place either .... - ok, so i`ll stop talking to not spam this post unnecessarly .... what i wanted to tell and ask .... i`m new to OSx and OSx developing in C/C++, but i have some development background in other languages/platforms enough to understand the logic of things. - not related with this new stuff - i downloaded the decompiled version of Caretta someone posted, i opened the code, there is ~300K of code and few header files, someone remarked the known points in the code blocks. I would ask why using this with ATIInject was an dead end ? I understood the LVDS problematics, the EDID problematics though... does anyone try to compile this decompiled version and integrate it with new features added ? where it resides on the system ? - I know i`m asking stupid questions, but i want to learn, and even help to do some nice stuff, i started to use Xcode and explore this all new world to me.... I will try to download and compile the ATY_HD here posted and hope to get some results that will help though. Can i try it on my mobility - or is only for HD series ? Cheers to all and good luck
  7. cybercow

    Voodoo Kernel 2.0 Announced

    If you look at their dev group on google the news about it is not so bright. They announced it, but seems the developers worked on this project are gone to other projects and things, and the final release date is not so close ... http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/wiki/NewsArchive
  8. cybercow

    iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 Released!

    X1350 Mobility Radeon - Does anyone get this driver working ? i get kernel panics on boot. I even try to use it with iDeneb 10.5.5 but with same results. I spent many days and nights to get this card working on my hp6820s laptop in the native res. 1440x900 with QE/CI - but the damn mobility is screwed so much that will need some alien-class driver .... anyone ? any help will be apreciated.
  9. cybercow

    ATI Cards and Laptops

    Would you be nice and tell us please how did you get 1440x900 ? or you are just cooking us ?
  10. cybercow

    iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 Released!

    The new driver for mobility radeon X1350 not works at all, i try it on HP 6820s laptop, after installing the driver the kernel panics and it deny to finish boot. I used both vanilla and vodoo kernels with same results. It was too good to be true that the x1350 will work on native specs Anyone ?
  11. cybercow

    Leopard e HP 6820s

    Salve, puoi confermare che hai un 6820s ? che dovrebbe avere un broadcom wireless 3945 ABG ? puoi mettere in attach il broadcom driver che hai usato e funziona ? grazzie mille !
  12. cybercow

    iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 Released!

    do i see there on hw list radeon mobility X1350 !!!????
  13. Well ... seems u now have a nice "search" task here and around ... from mine perspective you should try to: 1. Put your dvd to primary slave [if is ide offcourse] 2. You don`t need to jingle with that AHCI thing ... 3. I had some litlle "trick" how to surpass that "still waiting" devil: If you have some old IDE / ATAPI hdd just plug it in and jump it for primary master on first ide channel and leave your DVD like i wrote - on primary slave. You should be able to get to graphical install environment ... 4. leave your SATA hdd in, just like it is ... ... if you get to the install environment, just partition and set the MBR on the SATA drive, and install leopard on it, don`t use the IDE hdd u put, leave it alone ... if the install complete, and you pass all that registration things, after first successfull login shut down your PC, remove the IDE hdd, and leave the DVD ... and u re fine ... try this i hope it helps.... 5. if your mobo has the nforce chipset look at iDeneb site for "still waiting" nForce patch guide
  14. cybercow

    ATI Mobility Radeon X1350

    Hi, seems there is still no solution for x1350 mobility. Many people, me included have the Compaq 6820s, which is a nice business lap, with a nice big screen, and i like everyone else tryed many things and hacks but with no results to get the QE/CI working in 1440 x 900 what is the machine native res. seems the solution to this is find the differecies between the x1300 desktop version and the mobility one ... maybe is not only about the vendor ID and produc id ...
  15. Hi as noone replyed you, i feel free to make u some advice from mine experiences. I`m not so experienced osx86 usr for a long time (i switched 6 months ago), although i have the iMac 24 already, but mine girlfriend is doing graphic design on it and in fact i never use it .... my primary workstation is a PCee with XP64 + Leopard osX86 .... ... my job description is same as yours, we are working in similar field of web-dev / design ... regarding ur hw platform u re ready to go ... i had the GT8600 before and is supported by default, but i`m unshure for SLI. - also having intel cpu will save you some small amd trickery and better compatibility with kernels and updates ... ... take care before you do anything in hackintosh way BACKUP ur important data ... there are many ways to install osx86 Leopard, and even more ways to loose your data ... dealing with partitions and so is always a nice way to screw up ur existing files ... ... first thing you need is to choose which osx86 u will install, many people these days are using iDeneb 10.5.5, so you can try it, is easy to install, has a nice drivers list and in general should install well ... after install maybe u will want to fine tune ur resolutions, sound, network, etc ... ... if u still want to use XP or other Win install and Leopard on the same PC u must make dualboot install ... maybe is better to have 2 x hdd`s one for each OS that splitting one hdd ... for XP dualboot search for chain0 is a 2 minute job and voila ... for usability and experience... well i beleve that`s a personal choice. I can describe that on Leopard i feel everything is "up my hands" and the overall feeling is highly "multimedial", never had any crashez that i usual encounter on Windows. eg. ... Flash Professional never crashed on me, even on larger projects, on Win i usual had some anoyances when the program "simple disappears" and all your work from past hour or two goes smoked ... dunno ... as web-dev u probably have many local shares .... the network connection on OSX when is maded is "up" and stays up. nevermind if is samba or other share type, it stays there and you work with it, simple ... in the other hand "My Network places" on Winblows ... oh god ... i hate this thing so much ... connections appears, disappears, freezes, shares not recognized ... restarting networking ... blah ... this things seem not important... but when - as you say - someone work 12-18 hours non-stop because of deadlines etc, with many small things dingling on you [normal Windows day] - you finish up with one big headache and pain in the az ... ... one important thing ... i had some fonts anoyances with Flash and Fireworks on OSx ... seems fonts are not recognised in the same way as on Windows, thus nevermind if you install the same font on Leopard ... so i follow the rule -> if maded on PC it must be finished on PC ... for smaller projects it can be adjusted easily ... ... you will have some other small issues, but in general all documents maded on PC are easily transferable and usable on Leopard, html docs maded with Dreamweaver, php files, xml .... etc .... ... you will find also many nice "handy" tools for web-dev on Apple.com download zone ! don`t forget to check it ... regarding "main" software, well, CS4 from Adobe is "de-facto" industry standard, everything will work on OSX86 as it was on "real" Mac... same as the older CS3 generation, still used massively and widely in design offices ... anyway i liked more the "originals" from once called Macromedia ... but that is history ... i hope this helps good luck !