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trying different drivers in console

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Hi people, I have a Compaq HP 8510p, centrino duo T7500, 2GB, ATI HD 2600, HD Audio, Intels 4965 wifi and 82566MM for Gigabit. Other hw i guess is not that relevant, though i wasnt expecting it to work anyways (fingerprint sensor, edge module, card reader, etc.) Basically I read as much as I could, though am a noob. Messed around with the installations, murdered my vista, no regrets though, I tried dual booting to the point where i hadnt done the chainloading so i have to flag the partition i wanna boot from. so far iatkos 2.0i, leo4all v2, and kalyway install just fine, all 10.5.2, but none works with the supplied drivers, i tried all the ones corresponding for my ati video card. finally using kalyways method i moved the drivers from the single user mode in darwin and that way i get to osxs desktop. im about to get back to this state (from which i tried a few things after and ended up isntalling iatkos again), so i can install the dmg drivers i just found on the forum. I wanted to know though, and thanks for anyone reading this far. is, if all three versions work fine but they all crash when the video kicks in, meaning is simply a drivers issue, how can i try different drivers from the console. I found it so annoying to reinstall the whole thing if a change i make doesnt work and need to get back to the GUI. please let me know if is possible and what are the commands to do something similar to the mount -uw / then /movevideodrivers method mentioned in kalyways info.

thanks a lot and i also like to point the obvious fact that this community is great!

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nothing new.. i tried an external monitor (vga) and at least i get a bluescreen instead of that indifferent black. at times i got the crazy static on the screen but still no results. really what i dont like doing and im sure is something fairly simple to do, is not having to format and reinstall my partition everytime i try something and it gets all messed up. only the method mentioned in the previous post is helping me. On my last attempt I tried the kalyway update to .3 and being unsuccessful to not knowing what to do at the console i had to install kaly all over. but at least is the only one that gets me to a graphical interface after moving the video drivers (same as last post). so.. perhaps i can push my luck and get someone to show me the commands to play around and not having to reinstall everytime i wanna try new drivers. since all drivers are in packages or kext files, how can i work with them in -s mode? thanks a lot for any help, useful tips, etc.



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