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  1. [Needed] Intel 965 Express Chipset Family WDDM 1.1

    me too.. 0x2992
  2. OSX86 + PS3 = A Beautiful Friendship? Possibly?

    people, everything can be done.. it just takes time...
  3. trying different drivers in console

    finally! i did a fresh install and started with an external monitor, got QE running with any res!
  4. Most Compatible Card

    Im sure there are some gpus that work right off the box with different osx86 versions. Which is the recomended card to get for a smooth install and compatibility? Let's round them up and keep it updated!
  5. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    id really like to shout out big props to Netkas and lastExile for all the support and effort helping people like me to get their drivers working. im another hd2600 (8591) lucky winner, before i had an intel gpu that got qe/ci in no time, it was great. now this one more of an effort, but a simple effort though, of digging for the info, installing some files and so on. i mean, the real work is putting it together, the extra mile is sharing it and caring for others. we all know anything is possible, especially if is just code, but only some have those skills and patience. anyways. i`ll be waiting patiently to get my ati working with full 3d acceleration, i know is work in progress, and that so many out there figured it out and got it working by themselves. im sure ill just have to click a couple times, maybe erase or overwritte a few files, and thats it... so thats why im thankful and so excited about this work. is funny that after waiting a couple of months to clear out my vista and backin up all my work so i can have the resource and time to try every install, i come to be in the waiting list for working hardware. keep up the great work and attitude!
  6. trying different drivers in console

    nothing new.. i tried an external monitor (vga) and at least i get a bluescreen instead of that indifferent black. at times i got the crazy static on the screen but still no results. really what i dont like doing and im sure is something fairly simple to do, is not having to format and reinstall my partition everytime i try something and it gets all messed up. only the method mentioned in the previous post is helping me. On my last attempt I tried the kalyway update to .3 and being unsuccessful to not knowing what to do at the console i had to install kaly all over. but at least is the only one that gets me to a graphical interface after moving the video drivers (same as last post). so.. perhaps i can push my luck and get someone to show me the commands to play around and not having to reinstall everytime i wanna try new drivers. since all drivers are in packages or kext files, how can i work with them in -s mode? thanks a lot for any help, useful tips, etc. Peace! FP
  7. Take One, Leave One

    deluxe mobo summer or winter?
  8. Take One, Leave One

    Unix! diesel or kush?
  9. Hi people, I have a Compaq HP 8510p, centrino duo T7500, 2GB, ATI HD 2600, HD Audio, Intels 4965 wifi and 82566MM for Gigabit. Other hw i guess is not that relevant, though i wasnt expecting it to work anyways (fingerprint sensor, edge module, card reader, etc.) Basically I read as much as I could, though am a noob. Messed around with the installations, murdered my vista, no regrets though, I tried dual booting to the point where i hadnt done the chainloading so i have to flag the partition i wanna boot from. so far iatkos 2.0i, leo4all v2, and kalyway install just fine, all 10.5.2, but none works with the supplied drivers, i tried all the ones corresponding for my ati video card. finally using kalyways method i moved the drivers from the single user mode in darwin and that way i get to osxs desktop. im about to get back to this state (from which i tried a few things after and ended up isntalling iatkos again), so i can install the dmg drivers i just found on the forum. I wanted to know though, and thanks for anyone reading this far. is, if all three versions work fine but they all crash when the video kicks in, meaning is simply a drivers issue, how can i try different drivers from the console. I found it so annoying to reinstall the whole thing if a change i make doesnt work and need to get back to the GUI. please let me know if is possible and what are the commands to do something similar to the mount -uw / then /movevideodrivers method mentioned in kalyways info. thanks a lot and i also like to point the obvious fact that this community is great!
  10. WWDC 2008 Rumor Roundup

    nice photo...
  11. nx6

  12. Take One, Leave One

    über pwnage lolz omgwtflolroflbbq!!!!11!!11!1one! mockintosh or hackintosh, peter tosh?
  13. HP nx6325 Notebook [Time for a united effort]

    I'm in new york, zip 10523. If there's anyone around this area who has good experience installing OSX on x86, I'd be really glad to meet and hopefully help me solve my issue. I have a HP Compaq nx6320, on which a friend of mine successfuly installed OS X 10.4.x (can't remember which now), things worked fine for a couple of days, he created a grub boot menu. My xp partition is still intact, but i was forced to delete everything on my osx partition for a stupid mistake i made, which is not the point here. Now, when I boot I still have this menu, though only xp is installed. I wish to install again OSX without losing, even touching, my windows partition, but I'm concerned i might screw it up and not be able to access this wintendo with all my documents and settings on it again. Since this is quite common when messing around with boot records, is it safe to try? Do you guys think that by putting an OSX installation disk, following the instrutions and figuring out on which point of my harddrive to install tiger (i'd be glad to even try leopard), I could succeed? Obviously this answer comes only with experience, but what i expect from you guys, if is not too much to ask, would be tips, recommendations, hopefully someone who even tried this, or whatever. I'm sharing and seeking for knowledge. I suppose that any experienced user that having both systems on his computer, and decides to make a clean upgrade or reinstall should know the answer. I wouldn't try a thing before researching, but as we all know, things come unexpectedly, and sometimes small errors, and missing a number even, becomes a great mess. anyways, thanks to you all in advance and your time reading this. cheers!