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Weird problem!

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Hey all,


Well... I finially managed to get my Intel D945GCNL board to work correctly with an 512mb XFX8500GT video card. Aso finally got sound working with the Azalia Package.


Now I have a very weird problem, sound is Glitchy.


When the sound wasnt working, i tried to use my stereo (which has an integrated usb soundcard) and it wasnt recognized, no matter what i did it would not work when my XFX8500GT was connected.. (using the on board 950GMA everything was working perfectly except for mouse tearing ;)) At this point my XFX8500GT was working only thru the VGA, i changed the NVCAP settings and managed to get DVI working.


Installed a whole bunch of alc883 audio Kexts but none of them worked.. Finally used the Azalia audio package and it worked! even my usb soundcard was recognized.. Everything was like a dream until i fired youtube.com to see that my audio was partially working; I have these.. sound clicks and sound artifacts all the time, sometimes the sound will skip or sound terribly bad.. I dont know what to do i tried EVERYTHING and i can't make it go away.. I'm thinking about buying a different MB (Bad Axe 2 perhaps?) but first, I wanted to know if anyone experienced a problem like mine and how you guys solved it.



Thanks in advance!!

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