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  1. Yeah, if you actually follow the guide exactly as mentioned: you need to boot again with the boot cd and install chameleon, set the active boot partition with OSX86Tools by installing chameleon EFI again and install all the kexts I provided in the zip file attached. This way you won't have the kernel panic you are having on boot. Your kernel panic is happening because you are not installing the kext disablers. So first, follow the guide exactly as i writed it and I can guarantee you'll be up and running in a couple of minutes. BTW: Sleep might not work, and that might be happening because of the GMA950 drivers, im sorry about that. Im actually using a XFX Geforce 8500 GT and i didnt had the chance to test the bundled gma950 card on the d945gcnl board. Alt drivers: http://code.google.com/p/darwin950/ (Give these a try?)
  2. Uploaded the files again. Rapidshare sucks!
  3. Hey, glad it helped you out. I didnt took those photos, they are from Hecabes guide they are quite useful for starters. I have also found an easy way to update to 10.5.5 after the retail installation, im gonna update this thread soon...
  4. XFX Geforce 8500 GT 512MB

    Sharing knowledge for all the people interested in this Graphic card, it works GREAT and it was quite cheap. CS3 and FCS loves this card, motion works OK with it, obviously when its working with some heavy 3d {censored} it might lag a little but its much better compared ot my old Macbook's GMA950. Ingredients: Punk's Nvidia Installer http://www.filefactory.com/file/6e670f/n/i...n_by_Punk92_zip (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=78980) Plist Edit Pro (You can use the demo version) http://www.fatcatsoftware.com/plisteditpro/ Installation Use Punk's installer and select the NVInject V0.2.1/512mb package. DO NOT REBOOT YET Close the installer, and open Plist Edit Pro Open the finder and navigate to Library/Extensions and right click on the file "NVInject.kext" and click on "Show Package Contents" open the "Contents" folder Now Drag the Info.plist file to Plist Edit Pro Click on the IOKitPersonalities Tab > NVInject > entriesToAdd and locate "NVCAP" Double click the Value setting for NVCAP and insert the following string: 05000000 00000600 09000000 00000007 00000000 Save this file, it will need administrator rights, do the rest... Open Disk Utility, Repair permissions, reboot. Voila. DVI works too. Now if anyone wants to share a how-to-get-this-{censored} using Efi strings that would be awesome. Cheers!
  5. D945GCNL Guide by Noise [ Here is a little guide to get osx running on the Intel D945GCNL board. Everything works great including Sleep, Shutdown, Restart; What does not work? Audio Input but Output works pefectly.. Im using Azalia for HD audio output, i havent found a working method to get the ALC883 chip on this board to run properly. If anyone wants to share some knowledge on how to get it to work correctly please post instructions in this topic. Ingredients 1 Leopard Installation DVD (The one bundled with real macs WORKS! There is a myth that this DVD will not work, i'll talk about this later in this guide.) 2 D945GCNL_Pack_V1 http://rapidshare.com/files/173238670/D945...ack_V1.zip.html 3 Flash drive (or any storage solution you want to use) 4 A freaking blank CD Credits Thanks to iSynapse and his D945GCLF2 installation pack. His boot cd comes with the minimal kexts needed to boot the retaill installation DVD on the D945GCNL (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=138881) The OSX86 Community, PCWIZ for the OSx86Tools, and all the people behind all the kext-hacking in this pack. NEW MIRROR : D945GCNL_Pack_V1.zip http://www.mediafire.com/?hynnwjjwzym This zip archive includes the following files D945GCLF2_boot_132.iso by iSynapse Chameleon-1.0.11-installer.dmg Chameleon's Team kick ass bootloader Kext Installer Folder Audio installation packages Kexts Folder All the required kexts Tools Folder OSX86Tools & Kext Helper b7 to make everything easier OMG LIAR, you can't use the Leopard installer bundled with real macs! There is a workaround for this, when the installation tells you that you cant use that disc on your hot h/m-acintosh just click on utilities and select "Restore System from Backup" this will open another window, close it and now the installer lets you continue with the installation. Installation Ok, so go grab a cup of coffee and lets get started. Booting the DVD 1 Download the D945GCNL zip pack listed above and extract it on a usb flash drive (or whatever you want to use), we will use all these files later. 2 Burn iSynapse's D945GCLF2_boot_132.iso, This will make a bootable CD. 3 Turn on your D945GCNL mobo-based computer with the bootable CD we just burned.. 4 Wait for it to boot the modified Darwin Bootloader, it will show you something like this: 5 Now eject your bootable CD and insert your retail installation DVD; Wait a bit until it loads and press enter, if it doesnt load press enter twice until it shows the following prompt: 6 Press any key 8 It should start loading the Dvd.. it might take a couple of minutes, be patient. GUID and Installation 9 The installer should load but dont do anything yet we need to format the drive first 10 Go to the utilities menu (top menu bar) and Select "Disk Utility" 11 Select your drive and then click to the Partition Tab 12 Click on "Volume Scheme" and select 1 Partition, now click on the options button and select "GUID Partition Scheme" 13 Give your HD a nice name and select (Mac OS Extended) Journaled as format 14 Click Apply and close Disk Utility this will take you back to the installer 15 Install OSX; Next, next, installing, reboot. (If rebooting frezes tha' computer, shut it down the bad way, do not panic, this is normal..) Rebooting And Installing the Bootloader and Kexts 16 Reboot but take out the Leopard installation DVD and insert your boot cd again 17 When the modified darwin bootloader boots press enter 18 In the next prompt write "80" this will show up our HD, after that press enter again and leopard should boot 19 Complete all the installation Shiznit, etc. 20 You made it to the desktop! now lets get the party started.. 21 Fire up my installation zip pack again and extract it on the desktop (or wherever you want to extract it) 22 Open the Chamelleon Installer and guess what? Install Chameleon! 23 Now open the OSX86Tools App, click on EFI and install the Chameleon EFI again; this will make your boot partition active. - This step might sound really akward but for newbies might be an easy solution to solve boot problems 24 Install Kexts you can use OSX86tools or the Kext Helper app which i also included on the zip file. Select all the kexts inside the kexts folder and then clear extensions cache using the OSX86Tools application. 25 Now install the ALC883Audio.mpkg package (Located in the Kext Installers folder) but do not restart yet, close the installer and now launch the AzaliaAudio package (Located in the same folder) and reboot. 26 Cross your fingers 27 Everything should be working now, open Disk Utility, repair permissions, post a yay message in this topic. I hope someone find this little guide useful, i will create a plugin for the upcoming osx86 installer by PCWIZ to make this even easier.. But for now you can start messing with tha' big apple. If you have any problems, feel free to post in this thread
  6. leopard in acer aspire one

    Memes, all the Acer one community would rejoice from such an audio patch. Would you be so kindly to share it with us? Is one step further getting the AAO working 100%
  7. Newest Retail Leopard Install on Hack

    Id love to hear more about the sound.. what did you use? Can you share your kexts? Also.. How did you got rid of the video artifacts? Did you use Efi strings for sound and video? If you did, could you share them with us? Thanks in advance!
  8. D945GCNL

    So, my P5WDH died today, and i was hoping for someone to give me some hope. I remember someone here telling me that had his D945GCL working perfectly.. I just need to get the audio working, everything else works out of the box. Help!
  9. Mac OS X on a Dell Latitude D620?

    Just used the Kalyway 10.5.2 install DVD and sound worked with the included Sigmatel 92xx drivers.. No headphone out, but mute is working correctly.
  10. D945GCNL

    Help me out guys!, now my P5W-DH is dying
  11. D945GCNL

  12. D945GCNL

    Hello there fellas. I just got this motherboard and its working almost perfectly with the Kalyway 10.5.2 intel/amd DVD disc. Its quite fast and seems like stable for my 2nd setup. I was wondering if anyone here has this mobo and got it working 100%? Anyone here willing to share a few tips with this newb? http://www.intel.com/products/motherboard/D945GCNL/ Specs: Video Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Intel® GMA 950) onboard graphics subsystem Working but with lots of artifacts -using default kalyway gma950 driver-, i readed somewhere around that this could be solved with paulicat driver is this correct? Audio Intel® High Definition Audio subsystem in the following configuration: 6-channel (5.1) audio subsystem using the Realtek ALC888* audio codec I got this working using the Azalia audio driver but it works really bad, just one output, i readded somewhere around that this was working for another user with the d945gcnl.. i just wonder how Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbits/sec) LAN subsystem using the Realtek RTL8111B-GR* device It worked using the RealtekR1000.kext Also.. there is this persistent bug.. my usb audio card works but it has all these annoying buzzes and weird noises all the time.. I was wondering if this has something to do with the Appleusbaudio.kext included in the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD, because this weird bug was present on my P5WDH too.. so i was wondering if you guys could share a clean/vanilla 10.5.2 Appleusbaudio.kext with me? Thanks in advance!
  13. Feedback?

    I have the same problem, but i dont know how to fix it. BTW; im using an usb soundcard.
  14. Houston i got a problem

    Thanks a lot for the reply! Im still really nervous.. I will replace it soon, but do you think i will need to replace everything else? basically i want to keep the RAM sticks I've had a DFI board in the past and they completly rock! but for now i will buy another Asus P5WDH because it really worked perfectly out of the box, and im kind of stupid (as you can tell because this post) and i dont want to keep messing with my system. I guess I learned a lesson, i will never EVER do this again, I promise
  15. Hey fellas.. I was a happy Asus P5WDH owner until today.. I inserted my usb pendrive and noticed it didnt work.. i peeked inside my computer to see if something was not connected correctly (you guys are going to hate me for this) and i pushed a little bit the blue USB1 internal connection cable into the motherboard and S-QUISH! The computer made a short-circuit or something like that.. there was a bit of smoke and i almost had a heart attack. (:/), TBH i though my motherboard was completly fried.. It comes to my surprise that after that happened, it just booted normally, and everything is working smooth (as far as i can tell), no video problems, all the usb work correctly.. but im really nervous since this happened too with a macbook and it was really blown away. I ran a couple of stress tests to see if it was working correctly and it seems to be pretty normal so far.. I was wondering if should be looking for a motherboard replacement since this is the computer i use in my working enviroment and i need it to be as stable as posible.. What do you guys think? IS there some way to check if something is damaged? Is there a possibility that the motherboard remains intact? I know im a Dumbass.. no need to mention it again. Any help?