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Hi guys,


many of us have intel macs running perfectly.


I was trying to have one for a month now and finally yesterday night @ 2.30 am was the time i was waiting for.


Credit goes to all on insanelymac forums and kalyway group.



My specs are


Asus P5k Board With ---- Bios ---- 1005 ---- (Its The Latest Update)

Core Quad Q6600 ---- Slacr ---- Go ---- (Stepping)

Dvd ---- Tts Corp ---- Sata ---- (Buy @ Microcenter.Com)

Hdd ---- Segate ---- Sata ---- (500 Gb For Windows)

Hdd ---- Hitachi ---- Sata ---- (160 Gb For Mac )

Hdd ---- Maxtor ---- Ide ---- (100 Gb -Drive From Old Machine)

Memory ---- Ocz ---- Ddr-800 ---- (4 * 1gb All 4 Slots On Mb @ 4-4-4-12)

Display ---- Geforce ---- 6400 Le ---- (128 Mb)

Wireless ---- Linksys ---- Wmp300n ---- (Draft N Card)

Case ---- Antec ---- Sonota ---- (500w Psu)

Os ---- Microsoft ---- Winxp Sp2 ---- (Got From University Store)

Os ---- Mac ---- Kalylay ---- (Lepord 10.5.1)

Mouse ---- Logitech ---- Usb

Keyboard ----- Microsoft ---- Pro

Printer ---- Cannon ---- Mp 160



procedure i followed


1. Install windows regular method on segate drive.


2. Disconnect all drives and connect only hitachi hdd sata port 1 .


3. Set default settings in bios.


4. Use kalyway 10.5.1 to boot from dvd connected to sata port 2 on motherboard.


5. Partition hdd to required. I did 3 partitions. 1st for mac (journaled), 2nd for time machine (journaled), 3rd for windows x64 dual booting from same hdd. This is still pending. Currently i have win xp and mac on two different hdd so i just f8 and select hdd to boot.


6. Select drivers for sound - azilla, display card drivers for when you customorise the installation. If confused about drivers clisk on the specific driver when you select and read description below. In customorise/install window.


7. Continue with install 15 min.


8. Set up keyboard and wireless (linksys card will be detected as 3rd party wireless adapter) and set up internetconnection. If you need on board ethernet use this package


http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=26596 thanks to daemones and madint

9. Sound should be working already, usb and firewire work oob


10. Set up time machine on the partition 2.


11. Connect other sata and ide drives and you are good to go.


12. Use shutdown fix from this forum for for complete system power down.


13. Connected mp 160 printer and used auto update drivers.


I guess thats it. I used my system for about 2 hours and it seemed stable. It was very interesting experience in building hakintosh.



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