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Vista / XP / OSX - about the MBR


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I am french and I hope that you will help me...


I am using Vista and I would like to try to install Kalyway on a separate HDD. I have another HDD connected to my PC : there is Windows XP on it, that I didn't use anymore... But it seems that the HDD with XP is needed on the boot, even to boot on vista !


If I disconnect the HDD with XP, the system won't boot (it says that there is no boot drive).

If I disconnect the HDD with Vista, the system boot on XP


As the installation of Kalyway will erase my HDD that is needed for booting my computer, how can I do to install Kalyway on this HDD (erase XP) and then boot on either vista either osx ?


I think that the MBR is on my XP drive (and not on my Vista drive)... If I am correct...

How can I "copy" the MBR from my XP drive to my "Vista" drive ???


Here is my situation :

-1st HDD = Windows XP (on SATA port 0)

-2nd HDD = Windows Vista (on SATA port 3)

-system = DELL XPS 410



Many thanks


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