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Can't boot when on Battery, stops at Root BSD: Disk....


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Hey guys,


Using XxX 10.4.11 rev2, I've managed to have an almost perfect instlal out of the box except for two things:

  • Spotlight crashes (so I disabled it, not a big deal)
  • I can't boot when on battery/not plugged in

I'm on a T42, 1.7GHZ SSE2, so I selected the SSE2 package when I installed.


When I boot without being plugged in and -v, I see that it stops at the line BSD root: Disk0 line. Without -v, it doesn't stop spinning but no activity for over 5 minutes.


Any ideas as to what is causing this/what it's looking for that it can't find when I'm not plugged in?


If I unplug after boot, not a problem. Using it righ tnow on battery.

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