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New System! Help Me Get Hackintosh!

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hey guys just got myself a shiny new system that looks alittle something like this:


e8400 cpu

Gigabyte N650SLI-DS4L

4gb Ram

2x 9600GT graphics cards in SLI


and the rest is pritty irrelevent.


now. ive tryed installing leopard 10.5.1 that i had here and all installs fine etc. but then on the first boot every time, before it gets to the grey apple screen and after darwin bootloader about 4 lines come up (something about HFS+ partition if i can recall) these lines apear for about a second and then the computer reboots and it does this in a endless cycle, obviously being the idiot i am, i didn't check if the system would be OS X compatible but is their any chance i can get os x up and running? (ive tryed -v -x to no avail.)

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this is the text i get before the computer restarts again:


Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132

4095MB memory



Loading Darwin/x86

EFI enhanced booyloader build: ToH

Using SMBIOS table found at 0x000f0ce0

Using ACPI RSDP revision 0 found at 0x000f65c0

Starting Darwin/x86


then it restarts..


please can ANYONE help?

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i didn't check if the system would be OS X compatible
It's not very compatible. The nForce series of motherboards have never worked well in OS X and the 9600GT isn't supported. Check the HCL's on the wiki for working components (8-series geforce + intel motherboard work well)
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so whats the chance i will get hackingtosh working?


Very slim chance you'll get it to work. As Synaesthesia has pointed out already the nForce chip set and the Geforce Series 9 cards have little to no compatibility with the Os X86 project.


So, if you really want Os X to work your best bet would be to buy a new motherboard and a Geforce Series 8 video card. Check the Hardware Compatibility List for boards and cards that work. My suggestion for a board would be the Abit IP35-Pro. It works perfectly with your CPU and is near future proof. Plus, everything works on it aside from the sound which needs a patch.


Good luck!


EDIT: Actually, after doing some research I found that some boards with the nForce 650i chip set worked on 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 so you might be in luck. They all reported that 'everything' worked with a few patches needed for audio and such. However, I think your culprit might be your SLI'd cards. Last time I checked Os X86 didn't support SLI'd cards. So try removing your second Video card and see if it installs/boots.

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