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Official P5E-VM HDMI Improvements Thread


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First of all, the motherboard @: ASUS :D




User Allsop's [How to] Asus P5E-VM HDMI [VMODS & LEO] here!

In that thread you can find the kext's you need for audio, internet etc. But I will link to them directly here anyway.

Drivers needed for Leopard

I've made a package of the needed kexts:


Important files:

ALCinject.kext - needed for audio

AppleHDA.kext - - ll -

IOATAFamily.kext - Patched by Netkas and ToH to include support to run your 6 SATA ports in enhanced mode.

Increases Read/Write times to your HD with almost 20 Mb/s. Only drawback is longer bootup.


Optional files:

IONetworkingFamily.kext - patched for UUID 35 error by Netkas and ToH. Needed for TM.

IOAHCIFamily.kext - ads AHCI support for the 6 SATA ports. Already included on the Leo DVD


These files can be found here!


As for the Lan kext, user Tecreatta added it here!


If you want an easy way to install these, Kext Helper works great.


I can report that these kext's work with Kalyway 10.5.3

but i do experience some minor application not responding issues.

There is no vga drivers for the onboard intel G35 (X3500) yet.



If you have improvement ideas post them here.

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Many programs are dependent on CI/QE (hardware accelerated graphics).


You can open System Profiler and check under 'graphics' to see what's supported on your system.


If the GUI is kind of sluggish and you can't use resolutions higher than 1024x768 it's normally an indication that you need to find drivers for your video hardware, or that it isn't supported at all.


Search: http://######.com/osx86search/

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