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Nvidia G92 (8800GT) support in 10.5.3


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Hi guys,

I' ve got a problem after 10.5.3 update: my graphic card switched over software render.

I tried to install both NVInstallerV-1.34 And NVkushInstaller with no result.

Of course I did a Permission Repair but nothing happened.

Any suggestion?


Here is my configuration


Intel Q9300@2.5ghz

Asus P5E

4 GB DDR2 Kingston Hyperx

Asus EN8800GT 512MB GDDR3

2x HD SATA-II WD 500 GB in RAID 0 over pci controller


Thank you in advance

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whats your device id on your card?


also try removing nvinject/nvkush and simply follow a efi strings guide for your boot.plist.


The device id is the same as in 10.5.2(where my card was correctly working). Every guide I read stated that I must have a correctly installed card before the upgrade(as mine was), but it's in software only... anyway I reinstalled 10.5.2, I have no more time to waste :)


thank you :)

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