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Minor Sapphire x1950 AGP problem on ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA

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Hi all, here are my specs:


e4400 Intel Core2Duo

ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA

2x1gb G.Skill DDR2 800

Sapphire x1950Pro 512mb AGP

200gb Seagate SATA drive (OS drive on SATA->IDE converter)

320gb Seagate SATA drive


LG 20x IDE DVD+/-R

Lite-On 16x IDE DVD+/-R


Currently have 10.5.3 installed (Kalyway 10.5.2 + Kalyway 10.5.3 w/ mod kernel), Via Rhine 'Rel' driver, ALC888 driver that supports all 6 1/8" jacks + spdif (untested, but mic and 2 front speakers work), and the x1950xxx 10.5.2(9c31) drivers with the Leopard 10.5.2(9c7010) update applied (not using the 10.5.3 driver released most recently as freezes at desktop on boot).


Anyway, I have CI and QE working in hardware mode and I can do screen rotation, however, screen rotation settings aren't remember on reboot. I have a 22" 1680x1050 LCD screen as my primary monitor and a rotated LCD 4:3 monitor as a secondary monitor running at 768x1024 @ 90 degrees. During operation it works fine, but it can't seem to get the setting stored. Is there any where I can make a manual edit to force rotation? Any help is appreciated.

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Using the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD, I was able to boot into OSX in VESA (ie, software) mode @ 1024x768. I didn't integrate any install packs into the DVD. If you're having issues getting stuck at the Apple logo, that could be a kernel issue.


I used the drivers from this thread. Specifically I used the Leopard 10.5.2(9c31) drivers from 14.02.2008 (19mb) and the Leopard 10.5.2(9c7010) update drivers from 08.05.2008 (1mb). The larger driver (9c31) has all the base install components so I simply copied the kexts and other files from the update driver (9c7010) over top of the originals from the base install. The device ID for the Sapphire x1950Pro AGP is 7280 according to the info OSX showed me, so those are the drivers you'll want to use. I then copied the combined updated/base install into my /system/library/extentions and followed the input for the terminal:

sudo -s also enter the password root!

chown -R 0:0 /system/library/extensions

chmod -R 755 /system/library/extensions

rm /system/library/extensions.mkext

rm /system/library/extensions.kextcache

kextcache -k -z /system/library/extensions



If it makes a difference, before I installed *any* drivers to the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD, I installed the 10.5.3 Kalyway update first with the mod kernel (as the vanilla kernel put me at a continuous reboot at the Darwin boot loader). Hope this works for you as it should give your hardware Core Image and Quartz Extreme, but like I said, although it does do Dual DVI (not sure if it'll do Dual VGA), there still is a nagging screen rotation issue if you're one of the rare people who need it.

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