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Booting Error, Kalyway 10.5.2


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Win XP is my primary OS, on a primary HDD. I have Vista installed on a partition from a second HDD. I used Acronis Disk Director, and deleted the partition, as I no longer intend on using Vista, created a new partition, unformatted, and set to :primary and active. This was in accordance with someone's guide.

I am now supposed to simply boot off the kalyway disc and install OSX, but I can't get past the black/scrolling text screen.


In my Bios, I am disabling my Primary HDD which has XP. I figure that I'll deal with the multi-boot after I have OSX installed. I assume this won't conflict with anything, but please let me know if my approach is wrong. So, to summarize, going into the booting of the Kalyway DVD, I have my XP HDD disabled. Enabled is the 2nd HDD with an unformatted partition (for OSX), another NTFS partition used for storage. There is also a third HDD, again NTFS for storage. Will this be troublesome? I assume not, but I'm desperate to get past the black screen/scrolling text.


I get errors like:

SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed, SENSE_KEY = 0X03, ASC = 0X02, ASCQ = 0X00

also towards the end errors such as:

*Date* localhost ReportCrash [ *** ] mkdir() failed to create /Library/Logs with error: Read-Only file system


Should I try another kernel? If so, how?

Or do I need to modify the DVD?


My hardware is:

P4 HT 3.2Ghz

2GB Ram

MSI Mobo, w/ATI X1950 Pro 512MB

1st HDD SATA (but disabled)

2nd&3rd HDD IDE (Does it matter if the OSX partition is on a slave/master drive?)


Thanks Guys

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So for some reason I kept thinking my HDD configuration could cause a problem, maybe I was right. After trying a few commands at the promp, none of which really did anything, I finally got to the white apple loading screen, using "-F"

Right now I'm crossing my fingers hoping it loads up properly. Sure is taking a while...


Edit: Left it alone for about an hour, still at the white loading screen, I don't think this is normal, anyone?


Edit2: Still stuck on the white loading screen, I tried using other flags with no luck. It seems to start loading appropriately, the HDD led indicator on my desktops stays lit, Disc is spinning, then suddenly both stop. The loading animations however doesn't.

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