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..Why my notebook cannot see any bootable drive?


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Before this problem ...


I have used dual os is Tiger and XP with chain.

but now My notebook (DELL Latitude C840) cannot see any bootable drive.


(It show me that "No bootable devices, Strike F1 for retry boot and F2 for System Utility)




when i have booted with boot diskette or Ubuntu live cd , All data All partitions are OK !!!


And I have use "boot primary partition" in Ubuntu live cd menu boot


OS List menu show me again (this , i can go to xp or tiger :OOO)


Why ?!?!


My hd or notebook or the bootable (chain) or what ? is problem ?!?!


Plz help me



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your OS X partition hasn't been set to the primary partition. You have to have your partition set as primary in order to boot from it. You probably have it set to a logical partition instead.


I'd help you out, but I'm currently grappling with the same problem myself! I've noticed that some users have had success with Acronis software to set a partition as primary from logical. You may want to try that out.

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