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Need testers for NVCAP decoding


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Hi everybody, I'm trying to reverse the NVCAP string process so we can finally know once for good how it works.

This would allow to get correct display outputs support and enabling TV out on nVidia cards.


I've already made some good progress but I need some more data to continue.

I'm looking for people with nVidia card AND DVI display (used in DVI mode), who already know how to basically set/install an injecter, who could test some strings and report the results.

Once I'll have enough, I'll hopefully be able to confirm/modify the rule I deduced so far, and will start looking at TV out.

I also made some good finding on this one but don't want to mess more with it as long as I'm not totally fixed about the CRT and DVI outputs.


I need you to boot with those different NVCAPs in the same order, until you get DVI :


Please try it in the following order, until you get DVI (hopefully, it should be one of the 1st ones, maybe even the 1st), when you get DVI, you can stop :


04000000 00000100 00000000 00000007 00000000

04000000 00000200 00000000 00000007 00000000

04000000 00000300 00000000 00000007 00000000

04000000 00000400 00000000 00000007 00000000

04000000 00000500 00000000 00000007 00000000

04000000 00000600 00000000 00000007 00000000

04000000 00000700 00000000 00000007 00000000


Don't forget to clear the kext cache between reboots.


DVI ports need checking for VGA support too (with a DVI=>VGA adapter).


You'll have to put the mouse on the "detect displays button" change the output and blindly click on that button. Then report "working/not working"

You can't bypass this step, even if the output is working, it won't be enabled without redetecting displays.


Those NVCAPs intentionnaly only activate 1 channel.

DVI outputs must be tested natively with a DVI cable/display.

Don't forget to precise the output layout for your card.


Thank you :angel:

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Basically you must 1st get your card working properly (with resolution change enabled). Once it's ok, you have to open the plist inside your injecter with Plist edit pro (right click the kext, show content, open the contents subfolder, info.plist is there).

With Plist edit, find the key named "NVCAP".

Here, replace the current hexadecimal string with on of those above.

launch the terminal, type :


sudo chown -R root:wheel /system/library/extensions

sudo chmod -R 755 /system/library/extensions

sudo rm /system/library/extensions.mkext


exit and reboot.


Now the OS is supposedly using that new string making only one output to work (theorically).

Each time you'll have to ensure the 2D driver is correctly loaded, otherwise the result will be misleading, an easy way is to check that resolution change is still possible, if so, it's OK.

If your display shuts off before login, it means the output you're currently testing is disabled. You can report it as "non working" with the current NVCAP. You'll have to hard reboot and plug the monitor elsewhere, and continue the same way til you get a picture, then you can report the output as working.

04000000 00000040 00000007 00000000 is not supposed to work at all since it enables DVI1 (if I'm right) that you don't have. So I recommend to test it in last.

When you get valid display, and want to try another output you have to "blindly" redetect displays from display prefs as described above, if possible, otherwise you'll have to reboot. Plugging the display after the log screen is too late, it must already be plugged or be redetected using the buton (which won't be possible in most cases since you'll have no display at all).


I'm aware that it's a long and boring process so do what you can, it will always be welcome. As long as the tests and reports are accurate it's OK. We're more than 200 000 members, I guess if everybody makes 2 tests, and report them clearly, someone can test the other combinations, and we'll quickly have more than enough results :P


To reduce black screens and hard reboots, you can start by trying each NVCAP plugging the display on the output that iss supposed to work.

Please concentrate on DVI output as I've already tested VGA myself, tho VGA tests could confirm my results, they're not the priority.


Remember that DVI output must be tested in the 2 different modes : 1 time natively with a DVI display, 1 time with a VGA adapter on a CRT display or any monitor that uses this cable.


So basically the goal is to check if those NVCAPs do enable the intended outputs, and disable all the others.


Thank you very much for your help :)

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TIP : having 2 screens connected decreases the trials number

Edit : I just realised that the NVCAPs I had posted had a typo, anyway I don't need those to be tested anymore, posted new ones with new explanations

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Hi, maybe I can still help?

I got a 8600M GT 512mb GDDR2 notebook (Zepto) and I generated a few NVCAP values by NVCAP maker. I created a bios rom from my own videocard, but NVCAP maker doesn't create a NVCAP value, so I searched online for similair video bios roms. I found the Video Bios Collection from TechPowerUp.com, where several 8600M GT 512 roms where located. I downloaded a few of them, converted the .bin extension with NiBiTor (windows) to .rom, so NVCAP maker could read them.


My notebook has ofcource a internal screen, but it looks like it is connected trough an internal DVI port, because my Windows Nvidia says it's 'digital' (dvi?), but it doesn't matter what kind of NVCAP i insert, he always works.

The NVCAP only effects (and crash/black screen boot) my external VGA output, when I connected my external VGA LCD display. But none of the NVCAP so far are working.


- By the way, is it somehow better or difference to connect the external monitor before booting, or HOTPLUG it and click on 'detect displays'?

- Is it possible to see in a NVCAP value it is designed for a external DVI port OR VGA port? That would save me allot of rebooting and plist editting.


Thanks in advance

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Yes your internal panel has to be considered as primary channel DVI, 01 for the 1st "part" should be fine, with no need of any other change.

For the external output, it's the secondary channel, so it's the 2nd part that matters, if it's VGA only, try 01, if it's DVI, try 06 or 0e (this one adds TV).


In brief :

04000000 00000010 06000007 00000000


04000000 00000010 0e000007 00000000

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I have an 8400gs 512mb. Using some version of the NVInstaller I got dual display (VGA + DVI) working and no idea how I did it...In the HCL file for the 8400gs 512mb it gives an NVCAP thats supposed to work with DVI but I have been unsuccessful. If others have had this same experience I think it should be taken out to avoid future trouble.

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I'm up for tests:


XFX 8800GT 512mb Alpha Dog Edition (Dual DVI)


Kalyway 10.5.2 - Vanilla Kernel - NVInject 2.1 (through nvinstaller 0.41).

Currently trying to get QE/CI.


My card's DEVICE ID is 0x060010de&0xffe0ffff


The NVCAP string I get from NVCAP Maker is: 04000000 00000300 0C000000 00000007 00000000


I attached my card's ROM.


Hope to help, since you're one of the leading developers in graphics compatibility here.


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Hi Joelho,

thank you for your help. What you can do is test the NVCAPs I've put in my 1st post and report the results. I'd especially need some trials with the 4 1st ones reguarding DVI support.

I recommend you to use 2 screens attached, even if only one is going to be used, so that you avoid hangs and troubles, not knowing which output will be activated.

You must use a DVI cord, otherwise the test is useless reguarding DVI mode, it will use VGA mode, and I already have all the required results with this.

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Do you still need any help?.I am not sure if this is useful,but I have created my NVCAP value and this is what I got.

Just for testing: GeForce 7300GS (VGA+DVI+S-Video out)

->NVCAP value (this is your third value):

04000000 00000300 04000000 00000007 0000000



VGA+DVI:it works with no problems


DVI+S-Video:only with DVI I can reach the desktop.If I go to detect displays,I lost my DVI signal and the S-Video gets a black screen (I mean,a black screen with the cursor on it:I see it and I can move it but there is no sense)


VGA+S-Video:only the VGA works.There is no luck if I press detect displays.

If you need more testing,let me know :angel:

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2 Krazubu


Thank you.

Now I have DVI working on my ( VGA not work only DVI)

PCI Express 1.0 x16: Zotac GeForce 8500 GT


10DE-0421 / 174B-1012 (Rev A1)


I use 04000000 00000200 00000007 00000000

and edit com.apple.boot.plist than created with osc86tools for my card

only string, no injector



( http://www.applelife.ru/video_karty39/gefo...tml#entry89423) in russian

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Hi to all.


I do have manage to solve and understand how to setup plist, NVCAP etc.


Also, I do have


NVidia 8500 GT (DVI + VGA + TV -> via Nvidia connector -> RCA COmposite), and I will connect/can connect all three devices


1. LCD via DVI

2. LCD via VGA

3. TV via RCA composite



If you have time Krazubu, please post here if you have some tips what do you want me to test and how.

I know how to test with two LCD's, VGA and DVI, but don't know what will happen if I connect TV.





Thank you.

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Thank you dove_g, any help is still welcome.

What you can do is follow the instructions in the 1st post. But don't stop once you get DVI.

Each value is supposed to enable a single output, and a different one, so try to find which one every time (a default VGA out will probably stay on every trial, however there will still be an other one enabled).

In other words, just try ALL outputs with each NVCAP (DVI + VGA1 + VGA2 + TV).

Don't forget that the report is only valid once you've redetected the displays.



PS : A trick to trigger the "detect displays" button in a hardware way is to disconnect and reconnect the DVI port (works with any DVI plug, even with a single DVI/VGA adapter). This is better than blindly clicking a button, however this may not work if the NVCAP has totally disabled DVI. This is also helpful to recover when a trial failed (black or blue screen) : plug differently and redetect, you'll get display once you've found the right output, then you can continue trials.

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Last conslusion,


1. I will connect DVI output to DVI input LCD1, VGA output to DVI input LCD2, a Composite output > CRT TV (what I mean to do, is to have all 3 devices connected at the same time)

2. Need to change NVCAP to: 04000000 00000x00 00000000 00000007 00000000

3. execute terminal commands, reboot

4. start OSX

5. write down what I get, and also every time try to unplug/plug DVI connector to LCD1


Is that correct? Beacuse I dont understand what do you mean by VGA1 and VGA2, because I have only DVI, VGA, TV outputs.

And yes, where to find "detect displays button"?



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And test was done, 2 hours of connectiong/disconnecting, booting etc...


All test was done with all three connectors plugged in VGA, DVI and TV, if not mentioned other case.

VGA - connected to LCD1 with VGA cable

DVI - connected to LCD2 with DVI cable

TV - connected to CRT TV with composite cable


TV out was never have output.

04000000 00000x00 00000000 00000007 00000000

1. working VGA

2. working DVI (also working DVI via DVI/VGA adapter to VGA LCD)

3. not working (black screen on both LCDs)

4. same as 2.

5. same as 3.

6. same as 2.

7. not working, black screen on both LCDs, but after accident bootup with VGA unplugged, DVI is working (TV was connected), also then try to boot with VGA+TV connected, black screen on VGA

8. not working, black screen on both LCDs; also try bootup only with VGA, nothing changed, then bootup only with DVI, not working in both cases (TV was connected)

9. same as 3.


I hope that helps you.


Card: XFX Nvidia 8500GT (with VGA, DVI and TV)

IOPScore: configured to 0 (QE/CI working)

used NVinject 0.2.1


Only what was wronmg configured is my RAM. It was configured to 256MB, but I do have 512MB.

Q1: Is that possible to change in NVinject via Plist editor, and how?

Q2: Do you now have enough info, to advice me how to test TV out on this card?



I ve clicked on Detect display every time when I have picture on any LCD, but this didnt change anything.

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