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Just a few questions before i start


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Hello everyone!


I have just a few questions before I adventure into the unknown world of OS X86.


(Please note my system specs are in my signature.)


1) what version of Mac OS X86 10.5 is most recommended for newbs like myself?

At first I was thinking of installing KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1intel_SSE2_SSE3 but then I came across iATKOS_2.0i.


2)does Mac OS X86 Leo 10.5 support Intel wifi cards?

I read that Mac OS X86 Tiger 10.4 does NOT support Intel wifi cards and that a patch is needed to enable cable modem connections for network preferences.


3)How hard is it to update Mac OS X86? Is it possible to obtain the latest software/kernel updates from apple's servers without causing a system lockup?

I think there is something called EFI which is apples "BIOS". Do any of the above mentioned distros have EFI already patched?



I hope this is not too much to read.


Help is greatly appreciated! Thx in advance!

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thx for your help.


can anyone please offer slightly more accurate answers to my questions in the 1st post? I want to install iAKTOS? is this a good starting point?

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