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2 New 10.5.2 Installations - 1 Laptop Sleep issue


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Hello All,

Last weekend I finally had a enough of Micro$haft and installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my desktop (ASUS P5K-Deluxe, Q6600, Nvidia 8800 GTS) and my laptop (Old Dell Inspiron 5160 P4M Nvidia Go5200).


The installations went great all of the hardware works on my desktop machine. It even appears to sleep and wake up properly (not that I use it much).


The installation went equally well on my laptop. All the hardware worked out of the box including the wireless, video and sound.


The laptop even appears to sleep correctly, however on wake up it seems to come back up but the screen stays dark. Back in the day I think I had this problem when I ran Linux on this laptop. I believe the video needs to be re-POST'd when the machine comes back up. Doing some digging I see the vbetool for Linux to do this, but I can't find any details of how to do this for OSx86.


I see a lot threads where this issue is mentioned, but I can't seem to find any resolution in those threads.


I would really like to get sleep working as I am on the go it would be great to not have to wait for Leopard to boot each time I sit down to work.


Please let me know if any one has any thought and I will keep digging. I have lots to learn about OS X and OSx86. Soon I will be convincing my wife to let me convert her HP9500t to a hackintosh as well and the transformation will be complete!




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