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Kalyway 10.5.2 Screen Saver issue


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I have Kalyway 10.5.2 installed currently on my laptop, so far everything is fine. I had some minor issues with the keyboard kinda freaking out on me, would randomly enter a key repeatedly at times. So I installed the EnhancedPS2Controller.kext listed in the "Mouse/Trackpad, Keyboard fix" guide in the Genius bar/Tutorial forum.


Ever since using that Kext, I have not been able to get my screen saver to work. Sleeping the display works, and sleeping the laptop works. But it would be nice to have a working screen saver at times.


Anyone know of a better kext to use or a way to fix this screen saver issue since I have not seen a thread with a good solution?


Oh, and the screen saver technically works, its just the time thats set does not activate it. So if I want a screen saver, I have to manually activate it.


I am using a Compaq C700 series laptop. C751nr model to be exact.




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