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USB Stick HDTV Tuner WinTV-HVR 950 works great in osx!

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This little TV tuner works great on my hack. My laptop specs are borderline for it to work, but the software seems really solid and not too bogged down. It doesn't hog ram, but the processor activity goes up to 60 to 70% per core during use. There is a $40 upgrade to the software for more features, although the lite version does most of what you need, including recording to your hdd. The picture quality is incredible especially with HD programs, like hockey night in Canada on CBC. I haven't got a digital TV yet, so this is a pretty cheap way to get the idea of HDTV without spending too much $. The little unit is powered off USB, so it installs easily. It must suck some power from the computer, as it gets hot to the touch while watching. There is a little desktop UHF antenna that plugs in, but an outside antenna would be better, I suppose. Cool toy.

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