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Does X86Leopard10.5.2 support multiple HDs ?


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Guys, ^^


My question is the Kalyway10.5.2 can support OVER 2 Harddisks ?


Currently, i am using Kalyway10.5.2 DVD Leopard, and it works fine for me.


But i want to add one more Internal SATA II HD , just don't know if it will support? My configuration is :


CPU : Q6700 Intel

I have TWO 250G SATA II attached already. One is for Winxp ONLY.( It has been divided into two partitions, one is C: for system. one is D: for data ) .

And also One is for Leopard ONLY. ( For this one i also did the same partitions. One is for Leopard system, and one partition is for mac Data. )

I am not sure do u guys understand what i mean. Which means in Leopard desktop, i can see there are for icons of HDs.

there are named : Leopard/ Mac Data/ winxp/ XP Data. ( Actually, there are only two Harddisks have been attached.


Now, for some reasons, i wanna add a new SATA II 250G ( or 500G ) Harddisk. Actually, i am doing some personal movie editing projects, i want a bigger harddisk only for saving data....anyway, i am not sure my current version( Kalyway 10.5.2 ) of leopard can recognise the thrid internal SATA II harddisk.


Any idea ? please let me know.

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