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Triple screen Hackintosh?


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I'm thinking of turning my Machine into a Hackintosh, I think everything should work such as my motherboard. But at the minute I use three screens, to do this I use two different graphics cards. A X1950XT and a X800GTO, now I'm not going attempt to try installing OS X with this combo as I can bet money that it will be too much hassle but if anyone thinks there is an easy way to get this combo to work I'm open to suggestions and it will save me time and money.


What I've been thinking is, that maybe I could get a Motherboard which is compatible with osx86 and has on board graphics and then I could also install my X1950XT with this setup not sure if it will work but that's what I'm asking you guys ;).


Another idea is to get two new identical cards which are guaranteed to work, maybe two Nvidia cards or two ATI cards. If anyone can help me out with getting a triple screen setup working it will be great as I already own a MacBook and I can not afford a Mac Pro yet so this seems like a good idea and will keep me happy until I get a Mac Pro :o.


Thanks for reading.

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