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  1. Hey I just tried installing Leopard using the instructions from the first page as I thought the same procedure would apply for installing Leopard, but I get a Kernal Panic when I try and boot up Leopard. Could anyone help me try and install Retail Leopard on this Motherboard? Full spec are... Intel E6300 @ 3.36GHz Abit IP-35 Pro 8GB DDR2 PC8500 ATI HD3870 512MB Samsung 250GB Drive I have a working iPC install right now but I would much prefer a Retail install. Any help would be great thanks .
  2. Hey guy's I want to use this method to install leopard on my machine, I've got all the kexts I need but could someone upload a working com.apple.boot.plist for me please? And also if I want to have a vanilla kernel do I still need to include some kind of kernel of the disk, or do I leave the kernel directory empty? Any help is appriciated .
  3. Black Menus

    Hey guys hope I'm posting in the right place. After 2 days of experimenting I have got my PC running OS X pefect accept for one minor issue. All the menus on my PC are now black and I can not see any of the text, there is also a black square where the apple icon should be. I'm running Leo4All V3, using the X19x0 driver included on the disk. I'm using 10.5.2 I have not yet updated too 10.5.3. My hardware is.. Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 3GHz Gigabyte DQ6 P965 Motherboard ATI X1950XT 2GB Corsair DDR2 Ram 80GB Samsung SATAII Hard drive So is this a common issue, I've looked at a few of the stickys in the forums along with searching google and these forums and I have found nothing. Is there a way for me to fix this as everything is working great accept for this minor issue... Thanks.
  4. Triple screen Hackintosh?

    Hey, I'm thinking of turning my Machine into a Hackintosh, I think everything should work such as my motherboard. But at the minute I use three screens, to do this I use two different graphics cards. A X1950XT and a X800GTO, now I'm not going attempt to try installing OS X with this combo as I can bet money that it will be too much hassle but if anyone thinks there is an easy way to get this combo to work I'm open to suggestions and it will save me time and money. What I've been thinking is, that maybe I could get a Motherboard which is compatible with osx86 and has on board graphics and then I could also install my X1950XT with this setup not sure if it will work but that's what I'm asking you guys . Another idea is to get two new identical cards which are guaranteed to work, maybe two Nvidia cards or two ATI cards. If anyone can help me out with getting a triple screen setup working it will be great as I already own a MacBook and I can not afford a Mac Pro yet so this seems like a good idea and will keep me happy until I get a Mac Pro . Thanks for reading.