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My wild ride of installing OSx86


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Ok, well i was locked into the 6 gig image as everyone else, except i knew before hand so i made the partition 7.5 gigs just in case. So then I had 3 partitions. 1 100 gig NTFS, 1 7 gig HFS+, and 1 80 gig HFS+. So then I tried to copy all the stuff from the 7 gig in single user mode using ditto, and followed all the commands, bless and everything. Then i booted, and it worked! But when i went to my home folder it said available 7 gigs, so i must have booted the wrong startup disk. So I said, oh i need to select start up disk. So i did, and upon reboot, i got Error loading os. So i was like damn... But I realized what it (selecting the startup disk) did, it just set that partition /dev/hda3 or whatever as bootable and I could have fixed it in knoppix. But instead I deleted my 1 100 gig NTFS and made a 20 gig NTFS and another 70 gig or so HFS+. I installed windows on the 20 gig. Then I decided let me try chain0 booting and that didn't work from windows bootloader got Chain booting error. After that I decided I needed to install darwin if i want anything to work. SO the plan was to install on the 80 gig HFS+ partition that had all the stuff copied over to it, but I accidentally selected the wrong partition, and selected the 7 gig image partition. After that i had to go into knoppix and set that partition to bootable. Once I did that i had the darwin bootloader, 1 for Windows, 1 for the 80 gig that I had copied all the stuff to (still has it all on there), and 1 for the 7 gig new darwin install. Darwin booted fine so i figured let me ditto everything back, and then redo this install. But instead, on the second boot, i selected the 80 gig HFS+ that had everything copied and it booted!!!! I couldn't believe it. When I went to my home folder it said 70 gigs or so free roughly. !!! so then i went into disk utility found the other 70 gig, formatted as HFS+ and now i got four drives on my desktop. 1 is the Mac HD, 1 is a storage HD, and 1 is the Windows NTFS. I see the Darwin (7 gig) partition on my desktop but thats where the bootloader is housed. So i lost 7 gigs, but I managed to get it working. So i figured i better just leave it like this. Hope this helps someone if they want to try what i did.


Edit: i changed not being able to see the darwin bootloader to being able to see it. just didnt realize it.

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