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  1. iMac equivalent

    OK it's not that you called me stupid, it's that you came in here knowing that you didn't post this, I did, and acted rude. You know more than me and you don't bother to tell me in a humanely manner, if you talk like that no one will listen to you. I may not know I may not know as much as you, but at least I have manners. I did look at the wiki, and I made sure every single part I chose was compatible with OS X. Thank you for you're help and since I guess this post is so stupid, someone please delete it.
  2. iMac equivalent

    Thank you, exactly the kind of information I was looking for, people that know what works. Thank you and with those modifications the price on the Intel build comes down to 416 just 70 more than the amd one. Thanks again
  3. iMac equivalent

    Well the I want it to be a dual core, and the one I chose for intel was the 2.13GHz C2D, and I couldn't find a good compatible motherboard for it so I had to put in the Bad Axe 2. Do you guys know of a cheaper one? or a cheaper yet fast Intel processor?
  4. I want a new computer, something that would be a little below of equal to the performance of a 20" iMac. I just want to get into Photography, you know do some photoshops, maybe some small renders, and edit some clips. I don't need it to be a Mac Pro just something that will let me do those things without taking all day. Heres what I've been thinking of buying AMD Athlong 64 X2 4200 2.2GHz ECS Nforce4m-a (V3.0) Gigabyte GeForce 7600GS G.Skill 1GB RAM and Cooler Master PSU I've already got a wireless card, HD, and CDROM and case of course. It all comes down to 300 and something dollars, the intel alternative would have been 623 so I went with AMD. Thank you.
  5. Toshiba USB webacam

    try macam edit: 100th post!
  6. iTunes Error (-50) when trying up authorize

    That worked!!!!!!!!!! It was a bit tricky, it kept setting itself back to en2 but I figured it out you're supposed to change IOInterfaceUnit as well not just the part that saiys en0. Thanks a lot.
  7. iTunes Error (-50) when trying up authorize

    I have 10.4.9, I used the uphuck dvd. I haven't tried to upgrade to 10.4.10, I had 10.4.8 before, and iTunes worked great on that. I've also noticed that for some reason the system all of a sudden slows down and all the programs stop responding.
  8. I've tried reinstalling iTunes, deleting the iTunes the folder in Music, signing in and out on the store, different user and nothing works, I've also upgraded to 7.3 but no go. iTunes doesn't let me authorize my computer, I already authorized my laptop running windows and iTunes 7.3 to see if it was an Apple store problem but the laptop got authorized just fine. I'm getting really extremely mad at it and I've even thought of installing windows on it. Has anyone else run into this problem? Please help! none of my purchased music synchronizes to my iPod.
  9. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    Jas you're the awesome along with all the other people here helping out. Can't wait for the SSE2 one
  10. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    I gave up it stopped a couple lines down at Registered to Apple or something like that and something to do with 261? and a buffer? Anyone have any updates on that DVD?
  11. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    OK I get a bunch of command not founds. I cd'ed to the desktop and into the folder xnu... and then copied and pasted the command you gave me what am I doing wrong?
  12. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    One question I get the whole key thing but I have one question. How do you compile this? I have Xcode but I don't know what to do. What file do i open? What buttons do I press. and another quick question does this work in Intel sse2?
  13. AGP

    I looked at my mobo does that mean i wont have problems? it doesnt say anything about nforce I looked at my mobo does that mean i wont have problems? it doesnt say anything about nforce
  14. Omg am I scrwd

    Just as an update I haven't heard anything. No more letters and I still have the same ISP.
  15. iMovie Won't Let Me Click On The Window

    I had a very similary problem I could drag the window around but I couldn'tt push any buttons I think it has to do with qe/ci im not sure also when i exported movies they had a blue tint.