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Getting 0 processors in system profiler - please help


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I now have a mostly working install of Kalyway Mac OSX 10.5.2. I still need to get my audio working and the computer won't shut down completely.


When I go into the system profiler it says that I have

0 processors on

1 core


I'm running a Dell Inspiron 530 with a C2Q Q6600.



How do I get this to run with 2 cores and 4 processors working?


(I've looked all over this forum and haven't yet found an answer. All help is greatly appreciated.)


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Completely different situation here but I'll share my thoughts... Dell m6300 w/Core2Duo @2.4ghz


Installed with the cpus=1 flag to be "safe" and got the same results as you - 0 procs, 1 core. Also sometimes shows up as 1.6Ghz


NOW, if I boot using the flag cpus=2 I get 1 proc 2 cores, always works (SCREAMS!)


So in your case, maybe try cpus=4?


Also, does anyone know how to "uninstall" the cpus=1 patch? Remembering to do this on boot is getting annoying ;)

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Thanks for the response.

How do I change the cpus= flag?


during boot press n hold F8

in boot sel select osx using arows and write "cpu=4" enter


if work good for you go library/preferencies/system.. (or st like this)

open file com.apple.boot.plist using BBEDIT or Text edit.

BB is better couse u can edit directly using admin pwd

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Cool, thanks. Will try that.


Any suggestions on how to get the computer to shut down correctly? Right now when I select shut down it shuts down and reboots right away and I have to power off manually.

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