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  1. Search is always broken

    I'm getting the following error no matter what I search for: There was an error processing the request. Please go back and try again, or contact an administrator for assistance. connection to unix:///var/socketproxy/insanelymac.com/searchd:0 failed (errno=2, msg=No such file or directory)
  2. Leopard Update

    Um. #1: Go buy another hard drive. Having your Leopard install on the same physical drive as your TimeMachine makes it useless in the case of drive failure, your #1 enemy. Put it on another drive, but back up your kexts (/System/Library/Extensions) separately on a folder on your Leopard drive. Follow the instructions linked by others above and you should be ok. -Adam
  3. Does anyone have a BLACK USB Hauppage HVR-950 working? mine is the -q model. I bought EyeTV 3 but its not recognizing the dongle...
  4. For the guy with the 630 or 830 who couldn't get past that "Vector:" bit after the "only one style." message... Start 10.5.2 Kalyway DVD up Wait for it to hit this line. Go to sleep (You, not the computer). Wake up and it will be at the Language Screen. Thats what happens with my M6300. I have to leave the house for a couple hours in order for it to boot the DVD. I'm not kidding. This has worked twice now. Good Luck! -Adam
  5. Hi all, I have this working fairly well as noted but one hiccup: FFSCROLL DOES NOT START AT BOOTUP. I dragged it in to the folder listed in the tutorial, directly from the install package. I've repaired permissions several times since then. I get extremely erratic behaviour until i can get terminal open and start it up manually. As soon as FFScroll is loaded all is well. Any suggestions as to why this isn't working on boot? Kalyway 10.5.2, vanilla kernel...
  6. Sigmatel 9205 with iATKOS (Leopard)

    Update: Tried the "SFX Script" method with same results... Only headphone out works. If you have any other suggestions for me please let me know if I should revert to ALCinject to try them. Thx -A
  7. Sigmatel 9205 with iATKOS (Leopard)

    Hello all. Hopefully there's still some smart people around who dealt with this problem with everyone else... I'm bringing a new model to the table I believe. I have a Precision M6300 w/Quadro FX3600m 512 video, Core2Dup 2.4, 4GB RAM, basically loaded save for Blue-Ray and the fingerprint reader I'm very close to getting it all working on Kalyway 10.5.2 I'll be picking up a Dell 1505 card to replace the Intel 4965 that isn't supported (and don't think it ever will be with encryption). Using a Belkin stick in the interim. Video works perfectly with stock nvidia 512 driver. Running vanilla kernel. 2-finger scroll working. Ethernet - I don't care. Broadcom 57xx. Sound is a 9205. I tried all sorts of patches and finally one of the kexts from this thread fired it up. I don't know if the whole codec patch did anything, the kext from here is what got it going. I have vol up/down/mute working, and I see it autoswitch in SysPrefs. Works fine with headphone connector. Speakers NOT working. I downloaded a Ubuntu live CD. Confirmed speakers work. Mounted XP and Leopard drives in Read-Only. Awesome. Did the dump, its attached. Dropped that in to the 1.8 patcher, repair permissions and reboot. Lost everything save for vol up/down. Overwrote kext as instructed and rebooted. I'm back in the same spot - no mic in or internal speakers working. I'm going to compare a bit to the codec dumps from here as well as plist files I guess and see what I can come up with, but I'm starting cold in terms of figuring out how all this works so any help would be appreciated. I'll FedEx good Canadian beer to anyone who can get it working for me ! -Adam PS: Note to anyone else trying to install Kalyway 10.5.2 to this laptop... It appears to fail on boot of the DVD. Boot it up and wait for it to stop. Go on a date, or take the kids to the park, or mow your lawn. Come back, and it has about a 50% chance of being at the "Choose a language" screen. Other times it will just fail. I've successfully booted it twice ... YMMV. Edit: Forgot to attach dump. ST9205_M6300.txt
  8. sz2k8, Completely different situation here but I'll share my thoughts... Dell m6300 w/Core2Duo @2.4ghz Installed with the cpus=1 flag to be "safe" and got the same results as you - 0 procs, 1 core. Also sometimes shows up as 1.6Ghz NOW, if I boot using the flag cpus=2 I get 1 proc 2 cores, always works (SCREAMS!) So in your case, maybe try cpus=4? Also, does anyone know how to "uninstall" the cpus=1 patch? Remembering to do this on boot is getting annoying
  9. I've a brand-new Dell M6300. I've installed 10.5.2 Kalway, vanilla kernel, dual-booting with XP. Following the above tutorial, and knocking the zAcceptThreshold up to 110 produces about perfect results. Agree with OP that one or two fingers really doesn't matter... two finger tips do not work; need to put a little more skin down on there That's fine, because the 2-finger (iScroll 2) on my 15" PowerBook works this way too! Still going to drive me nutz in Windows though, as it has the right region scrolling (which does NOT work OOB with FFscroll, and have not been able to make it work). Anyone know how to get 2-finger working on these trackpads in Windows? -Adam