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Screen sharing - in a more literal sense


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OS X has a screen sharing feature which, as I understand it, is basically cut-down VNC functionality which allows you access to the screen on the other machine. I guess this has its uses but what I was after was screen sharing in a more literal sense.


Is it possible to actually use the display of another machine running OS X as an extension of the machine you are currently using? For example, I wanted to fire up "screen sharing" on my laptop, plonk it next to my desktop, and have it run like a second monitor for my desktop, allowing me to, say, drag across a photoshop project and keep it there, or put a few word documents on one screen and safari on the other. As if I'd plugged the laptop monitor into my desktop.


Screen sharing as it exists at the moment doesn't allow this functionality, does it? (someone please tell me I'm wrong) I'd know for sure if I'd managed to get screen sharing working at all :) these machines are having a bit of trouble spotting each other on the network as it is.

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