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ilife08/dvd crashes with leo4allv2 on AMD SSE2


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Hello. I am using Leo4all V2 (V3 is stuck at boot on my machine) on an old A64 Socket 754 3000+ SSE2 CPU. Leo installs just fine, system is fast. 9.2.0 TOH kernel from Leo4All V2.


But I am getting random crashes of iLife 08 apps (mainly Garageband`s Magic Band feature). DVD Player crashes too. I get EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) and EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) errors.


I used Marvin`S AMD util to patch all files on my Leo drive. I got 0 decrypts and 58 CPUIDs, all patched fine via boot-time terminal. NO change whatsoever, though.


I installed AppleSMBios 27 rev 6, again, NO change at all. FCP 6 still stuck at "Loading FCS engine".


On the other hand, Adobe CS3 stuff ran FLAWLESS even BEFORE Marvin patches and SMBios upgrade. Strange!


Any other ideas? I fuked several installs trying to use 9.2.2 ModBin kernel, but it didn`t boot.




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