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Printer status after wake up


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I'm facing to a strange bug now. Everything is working perfectly on my P35DS4, HD2600XT, C2D 2.7, 4Go Ram, 4 sata HDD 500Go, Bluetooth usb key, and a Usb canon printer IP1500.

BUT ! When I'm coming from the wake up of the sleep mode, the printer is showing a 306 error and not printing. If I reboot the system everything is recovred, when I'm using the VM FUSION XP after a wake up the printer is working.

Then, it's clear that it's a system problem, but where?

It's interesting to notice that ALL the other usb devices are working perfectly with the sleep mode.

I'm using the vaznilla kernel

It may be an APPLE bug, peharps corrected by the 10.5.3?

You may have some idea.

Otherwise, I've to say that today I've mostly switched on Mac OS X and kept an XP partition. Thanks a lot to you

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