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  1. work with 4gb ram on GA-P35-DS3R and 2x Pioneer 115D Thanks!
  2. Printer status after wake up

    same problem with P35 DS3R and IP4000..
  3. [Aggiornato] Asus F9S FULLY WORKING!

    qualche novità con l'audio?
  4. EFI Post Install Package

    me too.. i can't reboot or shutdown whit a P35-DS3R
  5. ICH8 SATA Driver installer for Asus P5B

    clear install 10.4.8 and now work! thanks trauma23! OT: what pakage you have use for updgrade to 10,4,10? thanks
  6. ICH8 SATA Driver installer for Asus P5B

    my kernel is: 8.10.3.. now i try whit 8.10.1 thanks!
  7. ICH8 SATA Driver installer for Asus P5B

    I have installed the patch and switch ICH8 to IDE, Jmicron already to IDE. I have repair permission.. What bios do you use on P5B? i have the last version: 1604
  8. ICH8 SATA Driver installer for Asus P5B

    Anyone have try this patch? Yeah! I have installed and now all work fine, i have 4 hdd sata and now i can use all, not only 2. Tiger 10,4,10 on asus p5b (not deluxe) edit [2]: no, don't work for me, it work on the first poweron, but if i turn-off and power-on the macosx dont boot. any idea?
  9. Ciao a tutti, ho installato osx tramite jas 10.4.8 sse2 sse3 ppf2, aggiornato tramite koolkay alla 10.4.10. Tutto bene tranne il controller ich8: ho 4 hdd collegati in sata ma il tiger me ne ricosce solo 2 (sata0 + sata1). Ho una ASUS P5B liscia, no deluxe. Qualche suggerimento? grazie edit: risolto grazie alla patch segnalata qua: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...asus-p5b+azalia yup! edit [2]: succede una cosa strana: installo la patch segnalata sopra e al primo riavvio tutto bene (sata ide enan..) ma se spengo o riavvio il tiger non effettua più il boot. Qualche idea? forse il bios della p5b? (ho il 1604)