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EeePC 900: roll your own MacBook Air?

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Hey all, I've been looking at the Asus EeePC 900 and have been wondering: would it be possible to install Leopard/Tiger on this thing? I think this would make a great replacement for something like the MacBook Air (maybe not as powerful, but still light and portable). Good thing is it's also selling for a LOT less than the Air ($549 for the 9 incher, less for the older 7-inch flavor). The 900 series has a better screen than the original Eee, and still keeps it in a similar form factor. Plus, there's a much larger SSD in it (12 or 20 GB, depending on the included OS). The processor is a Celeron M 900 MHz, an SSE2 proc, but the newer 901 coming out soon has an Atom proc, which (AFAIK) is a SSE3 processor, similar to a Core Solo. The graphics chip is an Intel 910GML Express integrated dealie. I believe that would be the hardest component to get working.


So, anyone out there have an EeePC 900 that they've been working on? I'll be picking one up when I get some extra cash and I'll post my results. It'll be my second time doing a Hackintosh, so I have the experience from rolling OS X on my own desktop.


Check out the Engadget links below for more info:


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