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Any Wireless Network Adapters that are Guaranteed to work with 10.5.2?


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As the title states - are there any wireless network adapters that are guaranteed to work with 10.5.2?


It's becoming more and more clear to me that I probably won't be able to get my WMP54GS to work with my OSX86 installation... unless someone has any idea how I can get it working.


Would this particular adapter work? http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Newer%20Tec...ogy/MXP802NU2C/


It uses the Ralink RT2870 Chipset - is that Chipset functional in 10.5? Any other Wireless Adapters I should be looking at?


Everything else on my setup appears to be working perfectly... I just can't get the darn Wireless to work with my WMP54GS. *sigh*


Thanks in advance, everyone! :thumbsup_anim:

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