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Macintosh HD image create+restore

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I know that I can create a complete image of my entire Macintosh partition using Disk Utility under File/New -> Disk image from folder, but I wander how do I get it back if I need to?


What I mean: I have PowerBook G4 currently running 10.5.2 smoothly, but I still want to check it out how would it be with Tiger (I got it almost a week ago and I came with Leopard), but in one condition: if I don't like it than I want to restore Leopard like it was without actually pre-installing it again. So I was thinking exactly at that moment when I want to bring it back... I will be sitting in Tiger with a big image file on my external drive, but will I be able to deploy it back again with Disk Utility or there's a catch, something that I'm missing at the moment?

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