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iTunes server don't see all mp3s?


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I hope this is not the wrong place for that topic...


I have Lacie Ethernet storage disk (LaCie Disk Mini 500GB) and I was happy to notice that the latest firmware update brings an iTunes server option. Cool, because I just got a second Mac and now I can store the music at one place and both can have access to it. There isn't much of options in the LaCie configuration menu, so I just copied part of my music on it and pointed where to look for it. Than after a brief search it says it found xxx music files and it seams ready to go. I started iTunes and the server showed right away... but sadly just a small part of all files were listed, and that is my problem! I just can't figure it out what difference there is between the folders that were recognized and those who were not. Can someone help me out?


Thank you in advance!!!


ps I have one MacBook running 10.4.11 with all latest updates and the other is a PowerBook G4 with 10.5.2 also fully updated. If that brings you more light.

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