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Kalyway 10.5.2 Toshiba Qosmio Installation


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This is a description of a Toshiba Qosmio, G35-AV650 specific but I guess will work on other models.Installation:-----------------WILL NOT INSTALL, any version Kaly 10.5.2, 10.5.1, Leo4All, Iatkios, etc IF CORE MULTI PROCESSING Bios Setting is not DISABLED. How> Start/reboot and when Qosmio screen shows, ESC key. Displayed "Check System. Then press [F1] key" First screen is "System Setup [1/3]". Go to section "Others" where youll find the "Core Multi-Processing = Enabled". Backspace to DISABLE then END to save and reboot. DONT WORRY, after installation you can ENABLE this feature (good idea).I presume you have partition your XP installation (or Vista). If you dont know how, search google or this forum.Insert Kalyway DVD and reboot. F8 and -v to see whats going on. If you get a PANIC or a reboot, you have not disabled Core Multi processing.Once you get to the Installation Screen, Choose Disk Util from the Menu. Choose your disk/partition where to install. Select ERASE and Mac Journal Extended format. Quit to Install Screen.You can just Install or Customize (just good to choose the Powermanagement Option for the battery display). When done and Restart. Take out DVD.....Now, I again suppose you know how to do a Dual Boot with Xp or Vista. Its very simple, search InsanelyMac. There are plenty of options.Post Installation------------------Now when booting to Darwin, hit F8 and -s. Need to get some files out...The Video is not going to work with the standard Kalyway 10.5.2 package. I have no idea why. You can try, just let it boot and if you get the Apple Logo, youre fine. Most likely a weird white-blues screen comes out, no sound is heard. So if this is the case, boot Darwin again, F8, -s option for single user and when prompted type "mount -uw / ". Now " ./movevideodrivers". Answer Yes to everyting. Now the following sequence of commands " cd /system/library/extensions", " rm -dRv NVDR*" "rm -dRv NVinjectGo*" "rm -dRv Natit*" "rm -dRv NVRes*" and finally " exit" to continue boot.You should get a blues screen and then Apple Installation Screen and procedure. Go ahead and register, etc.Now youll notice there is no sound and no wireless. Also, our screen is usually a GeForce Go 7600 256MB LCD, which NO MATTER what you try wont go beyond 1280x1024. If you do PLEASE post the solution for a 1920x1200 resolution.Sound gets fix using the following (google them)-----------------------------------------Applepatcherv1.20, applies the Sigmatel Codec (application)AppleHDA Dell Inspiron 9400.dmg (contains certain kext needed for sound)Sigmatel9223CodecDump_2.txt (the codec for sound)Kext Helper b7 (a Kext Installer)How> double click the AppleHDA Dell download, and a disk will be mounted with /Volumes/AppleHDA Dell Inspiron 9400/AppleHDA.kext /Volumes/AppleHDA Dell Inspiron 9400/ALCinject.kextThese two kext should be installed. Use the Kext Helper to install or any other procedure you like. (Kext Helper works by dragging the AppleHDA.kext/ALCinject.kext into the Kext Helper icon and typing your password in " Password" and then return")After installing the kexts, drag the Sigmatel codec into the Applepatcher1.20 icon. Itll say something and finally a Quit button.REBOOT. You should have sound. Move the sound dial and bubbles should sound or try itunes, whatever.BIG TRICK. Since you have a dual boot, eventually youll get into XP/Vista. When you return to MacOs youll find that there is NO SOUND AGAIN.... This made me install the sound procedure explained above BUT DIDNT WORK ever again. I reinstalled (5 times) Kalyway and everytime sound worked again, UNTIL I got into Vista/Xp. To make a very long story short, the solution is as follows:When you go to Vista/Xp do nothing. Sound works. When you want to boot MacOs AND had a previous session in Vista/XP YOU MUST get into Bios Setup (Esc F1). Just get in and save (END). Vista/XP does something that the Bios Setup fixes. I have NO F*** IDEA!!!! But it works for me EVERY time.WirelessThere is NO SOLUTION. Our Wifi card is an Intel xxxx which has no solution as of today. You can replace it with other Cards that are working, Broadcom 4311-20 series work.Screen ResolutionTo get max resolution, must change the com.apple.boot.plist to include a booting directive of "Graphics Mode", 1920x1200x32. (Just in case it eventually works) It will give you a 1280x1023x32 resolution. Thats all. Good luck. :unsure: EDIT: I include the AppleHDA Dell file. The applicastions I cant include.


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