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So I've become increasingly interested in Mac OSX Leopard... but whenever I make a boot disk and try to boot up Mac, it will start the Darwin Junk but as soon as I try to actually pursue the installation, my computer automatically restarts. It doesnt even reach the nice white mac screen. It's not the DVD's because I took one to a friends house to see if they were just bad DVD's but they worked like a charm.


This is my computer specs:

AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition

MSI K9A2 Platinum 790FX

4GB Corsair Ram

500GB Seagate SATA HD

320GB Seagate SATA HD

Samsung DVD Super Multi SATA Drive

ATI HD Radeon 3870

Netgear WN311T Wireless Adapter


And thats pretty much about it.


I know I'll probably need to research drivers, but I need the installation to at least boot..


If there is anything you guys can help me with, I will be very grateful.

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