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  1. Thanks! For paid, I also prefer IPB. But vB is close enough too.
  2. 2012: The Year The Internet Ends

    This cannot be right! ISPs are still earning big bucks!
  3. Killbot

    That's great! We don't want them to turn on us now do we?
  4. Thank you Moc and Pcwiz! I though so that it would be about the few I've mentioned above. I've tried the latest stable versions for both phpBB and SMF. And just like Pcwiz, I find phpBB better in terms of usage. But the one thing I really dislike was that the default theme came with post profiles formatted to the right side of the post. That was easily worked around though. Oh and thanks for the links, Pcwiz! Deleted! You scared me! At a quick glance over the last post "by: Deleted", I thought my post was deleted! Anyway, no it's not going to be a portal just straight. I'll have a look at vB 3.7. Thanks.
  5. You can recommend either one from the Free Catagory or one from the Pay Catagory or one for each catagory! Basically just tell me what you think is best. From the Free Catagory, there's phpBB, SMF (Simple Machines Forum). As for Pay Catagory, there's IPB (Invision Power Board) (This board is base on this!), vBulletin and so on. These are just some of the popular ones. But what do you think is best? I'd prefer we discuss about software that uses PHP and MySQL. After all they are the most common and popular. However, if you do find a good one running on ASP, go ahead and tell us! Just interested to know. Thanks everyone!
  6. Kalaway Disk Install Help

    It's often good to do a disc check when you first use a burned disc.
  7. Firefox 3.0 RC2 Released!

    That fast? I was just testing out RC1. Didn't encounter much problems with RC1 though. But that's perhaps I seldom use it.
  8. Cartman disguised himself as a robot named "The A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000". It that right?
  9. Thinkpad T30

    You're welcome! You can get the latest version for Leopard 10.5.2.
  10. Problem of triple boot

    You can use a Partition Manager like Gparted to format your free disc space or resize any partition. What are you currently using to boot your dual boot configuration? If you're using Windows Boot Manager, you can use the chain0 method to boot your Mac OS X, but you'll have to make sure you don't install any boot loader while installing Mac OS X.
  11. Thinkpad T30

    Since you're using Intel's Dual Core Processor, try Kalyways's DVD install.
  12. Make money while stoned...

    Well, that person want to get referred to earn more money too! He started off with "CLICK THE LINK ---->"
  13. Thank You Kaly

    That's great news! Congratulations on your successful install. Those are some really pretty high specs you got there there! This should be more suitable in the Post Install section though...
  14. Change boot Screen

    To disable the countdown, you'll have to remove both the key and string completely. Note that you can't change the value to 0.
  15. Installation Help...?

    Have you tried playing around with the settings on your motherboard's BIOS? That might at least prevent the restart.